Thursday, June 27, 2019

Chairman Sang Ho-Lee of Wooridul Spine Hospital has awarded “The Parviz Kambin Award Gold”

Only two awardees in the world with Dr. Menno Iprenburg.

Recognized great devotion to development of endoscopic spinal treatment for the last 37 years


Wooridul spine hospital has announced Chairman Sang ho-Lee has awarded the best honored“ The Parviz Kambin Award”in Gold
which recognized great devotion to all of his life and the world-class masters
who carried out development of endoscopic spinal treatment.
The awards ceremony was held during 7th ACMISST & 18th KOMISS (NASS: American Spine Society) session.
 Professor Jeffrey Wang chairman of NASS was presented this prize.
Dr. Parviz Kambin has introduced endoscopy for the first time to disc surgery so this award named after his devotion.
And also, it has been awarded doctors who gave a great dedication and development of endoscopic spinal surgery
by SMISS & Joimax from 2011.
The first Parvis Kambin winners of 2011 are Dr.Kambin, MD. Michael Schubert from Apex spine center in Germany
 and Dr. Menno Iprenburg from Herniakliniek in Nethlands.
 Next awardees are MD Anthony T. Yeung from New Mexico university in USA 2012,
Chairman Sang ho-Lee  from Wooridul spine hospital in Korea  2015
Especially the best honored Parvis Kambin Gold is delivered someone who dedicate all his life to development of endoscopic spinal surgery.
 There are only two doctors received this best honored  Parvis Kambin Gold in the world.
Professor Jeffrey Wang presenter of this prize said ”Chairman Sangho-Lee has developed spinal surgery which combined endoscopy and laser in 1992.
He devoted all his lifetime to the growth of minimal invasive spine surgery.
He is a grand master in the field of spine surgery and finally changed world standardization of spine treatment “
Chairman Sangho-Lee revealed his impression “ America has acknowledged endoscopic laser disc surgery as standard treatment and adjust medical insurance in 2017.
 It is showing that very active movement to learn and introduce this technique to the world of medical community.
This will be historic moment to clarify world status of Wooridul’s philosophy and minimal invasive surgery techniques”.


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