Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Wooridul was selected as 'The World's Best Smart Hospitals 2023' by Newsweek

Wooridul Spine Hospital (Chairman Sang-Ho Lee) has recently named in the top 100 World's Best Smart Hospitals 2023 selected by Newsweek for the two consecutive times. Wooridul is the only spine specialty hospital among the selected hospitals in the world.

Thousands of medical advisors were participated in the survey, and top 300 hospitals from 28 different countries were selected based on five digital technology categories: electronic functionality, telemedicine, digital imaging, artificial intelligence, and medical robotics.

Wooridul Spine Hospital ranked 98th again out of 300 hospitals. Among domestic hospitals, the ranking was moved up compared to last time in 2021 and it was included in the upper ranks. Especially, it is recognized for its outstanding artificial intelligence (AI) system by international medical professionals.

Wooridul develops numerous minimally invasive spinal treatments such as endoscopic laser spine surgery, ligament reconstruction, bloodless spinal fusion, and minimally invasive spinal fixation. Its unique techniques in all areas of the spine treatment, including high-level cervical and thoracic spine surgery and revision surgery, has been recognized and is being passed on to the world.

Chairman Sang-Ho Lee said, "Wooridul Spine Hospital has been focusing on research and investment in only one area, the spine treatment field, for 40 years, and we are proud of our global competitiveness. Wooridul will continue to develop and exceed the limit of spine treatment."

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