Thursday, January 28, 2016

SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment company building is located nearby Gangnam Wooridul Hospital. 
(2~3 minutes on foot)

Location : Cheongdam station exit 6

You can join K-pop dancing program!

A Russian company employee Elena(26•F) dreamed to travel Seoul after listening K-pop by chance 5 years ago. She took time off with difficulty and visited Seoul last Aug for the first time, and she saw classified ad for ‘K-pop experience program’. By participating that program, she could learn choreography along to songs of SHINee who are her favorite singers.

Seoul City operated K-pop experience program in SM TOWN COEX Artium, Gangnam-gu tentatively last year for foreign tourists who visit Seoul.

Participants in the program learn the latest trend K-pop dance for 60 minutes in dance training room after looking around SM TOWN studio with expert guide for 30 minutes.
K-pop dance class is progressed by professional choreographer, so beginners can imitates easily. Also, there is interpreter service.

Every foreign tourists can join, and you can apply on Seoul Korean wave tour homepage ( one person for two people. 15 people can have opportunity to participate each time.

2015-08-17 ~ 2016-03-29
11:00 a.m.~12:30 p.m. (once on Mon, Tue )

  SMtown CoexArtium

Open 11:00
Close 22:00

SMTOWN@coexartium (SUM / STUDIO / LIVErary / THEATRE) - 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

About Wooridul Hospital

  • Vision
       World Best in Neuro-Musculoskeletal Diseases Center with Top Specialists

  • Mission
       Based upon care built on the spirit of love and human respect, Wooridul Hospital
       aids the people of the world by minimizing pain, affliction, and paralysis through 
       accurate spinal diagnosis which enables them to lead normal lives.

  • Motto
       Wooridul, 30 years of caring for spine & safeguards of your joints.

  • Core Values : Peaceful Mind, Positive View
       Wooridul Hospital will continue to achieve optimal spine treatment. The WSH
       mission is to enable the best care in the present while building towards the 

Peaceful Mind, Positive View by Nam June Paik in 1999, owned by Seoul Cheongdam Wooridul Spine Hospital

  • 5 times confirmation for accurate diagnosis
       Accurate Diagnosis is essential before making a decision for surgery.
       We accomplish high success rate of treatment with 5 times confirmation.

  • Authorized Hospital in Korea

Spine Specialized Hospital, assigned to Ministry of Health and Welfare 

Seoul Gangnam Wooridul Hospital

             Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists for years - 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

November 5th 2014 - November 4th 2016(2years)

I hereby designate the above organization as 'Outstanding Medical Travel Facilitator', acknowledging its special contribution to attracting medical tourists and managing their well-beings in the Republic of Korea.

accredited by Ministry of Justice

  • The first Spine Specialized Hospital

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

100 years spine health


The reasons of a former president had surgery in Wooridul Hospital are

Minimum incision, minimal bleeding, surgical precision, and best effect.

Centenarians also can have surgery with an easy mind.

Life Respect Wooridul Hospital

Stem Cell Transplantation

Horrible arthritis, please do not suffer any more!

Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplantation repairs cartilage tissue, and this is a specific treatment that can be carried out right after examination with no tissue extraction. Also, it has less limitation relatively than other stem cell treatments although patients are old or they have severe Cartilage defect. In the case of severe deformation of the joints bent to shapes of O or great instability of joints, existing artificial joint surgery is much more effective.

The articular cartilage is not repaired hardly at all when it is damaged or has degenerative change because this cartilage does not have blood vessel or nerves. 


Sunday, January 24, 2016

[Guest Book] Cory Wuth

  • Advantage

    : Very quick, efficient service. Excellent service from Celina as she helped all hours
     and was very detailed, helpful. True credit to hospital.

  • Something that needs to be improved

    : Larger clothing for Western people

   Nationality : Canadian
   Name : Cory Wuth

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Gangnam Wooridul Hospital Chief Jung Hwan Lee, Presentation of Thesis ‘Spine Surgical Outcomes Prediction, Electromyography’

[kukinews=reporter Byung Ki Song] Gangnam Wooridul Hospital chief Jung Hwan Lee (photo) discovered recently that electromyography before surgery when herniated disc or spinal stenosis needs treatment is very useful for surgical outcomes prediction, and he presented thesis on the current issue of ‘European Spine Journal’. European Spine Journal is International Council of Journal that is one of the best magazines in the field of spine.

‘Electrodiagnostic study’ is the way to check peripheral nerves and electrical-physiological condition of muscle. MRI, diagnosis of spine disorder, provides anatomic information that includes the existence of pressure on nerve root, degree of severity of stenosis, and degree of instability of spine.

On the other hand, electromyography estimates physiological, functional condition of peripheral nervous system and provides information about pathologic physiology mechanism of pain. It can find out functional problem of nerve root that is hard to discover by MRI.  

According to chief Jung Hwan Lee’s thesis, he carried out observed electromyography before surgery for 448 patients who have herniated disc and lumbar spinal stenosis. These patients didn’t have muscle weakness and neuropathic such as paresthesia symptom before surgery, so they added precision to assessment about the result of surgery.

As a result, although the patient who doesn’t have neurologic symptom (legs gave out), if radiculopathy is discovered in electromyography before surgery, operation prognosis would be not good. 

Chief Jung Hwan Lee said, “The result of surgery can be different if results of imaging tests look similar to each other. Though many other conditions will effect on the result of surgery, I think the condition of nerve root can help to predict the result of surgery. Through this thesis, expect to predict operative result before surgery and help for making treatment plan.” 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gangnam Wooridul Hospital


Whole view of Gangnam Wooridul Hospital


Waiting area

International Patient Center

Doctor's Office

Operating Room

Examination Room

Physiotherapy Center


Friday, January 15, 2016

Home Care

Sex postures for people with waist problem

It is important to maintain a good posture when a person with a waist problem has sex. The postures vary depending on gender and symptoms of patients. 

When both male and female feel pain 

People suffering backache feel more comfortable when they lie on their back or lie on their side because the posture gives less pressure compared with standing or sitting postures. If both partners have pain, it is recommendable that the woman lies on her side, and the man lies behind her, facing the same direction. Then the man lying behind her touches her body with a delicate touch without putting pressure on the woman’s waist.

Another way is that the woman kneels down,holds two hands on a bed or a chair, like a cat posture. Then her partner approaches her from behind. The woman puts a pillow and a cushion on her chest or belly. If a woman isn’t able to handle the partner’s weight, give up this posture and just caress her body with hands and tongue.

When a female feels pain in the waist

If a woman suffers a ruptured disk, then insert a pillow or a rolled towel below her waist. This helps her feel less pain because it keeps an arch-shaped backbone during sex. If she has spinal stenosis, or spondylolisthesis, just draw up the knees while lying on the back, which alleviates pain to some degree. The partner caresses her hair, face, belly, legs, and sexual organs, and starts sexual intercourse the moment when she is sexually excited. Slowly keep moving, feel the heartbeat and body heat of the partner. Keep it mind that he is sending a healing energy through his penis. If the man reaches orgasm, keep the pace down, or pause for breathing, and temporarily cool down. Once he ejaculates, take a deep breath, don’t lose excitement by extracting the tail bone muscle so that the couple can enjoy slow but deep sex.

If a woman suffers spinal stenosis and feels uncomfortable around the backbone, she might not be able to lie on her back even though she draws up the knees. Then just sit on the male partner’s thigh with two legs wide open. This posture enables a couple to face each other, or look the same direction. And how does a woman have sex if she has chronic degenerative disc disease? Then she lies on the male partner’s back instead. He lies down and draw up his knee, and she sits on his thighs with her legs open. The woman bends her knees, slightly lies on the man’s upper body so that they closely face each other. It is important to use her arms to sustain some part of her weight because she could feel less pain in the waist by leaning her upper body forward without bending the back. Some women feel relatively comfortable with cat posture. Then the male partner has soft intercourse from behind.

When a male feels pain in the waist

In case where a man suffers a backache, the woman is required to have a more aggressive attitude than usual, and be involved in sex with a mindset that sex with her surely has a healing power. If he has had spinal stenosis, or arthritis in the waist, he should lie on his back with his head on a pillow, draw up the knees, and insert a tall pillow, or a cushion under the knees. Then she caresses his hair, face, chest, and penis with a delicate touch. He remains silent and imagines beautiful, magnificent images. Once his penis gets erect, she gets on his body with her weight sustained on her knees, shins, and feet. She keeps her legs wide open, moves the vagina back and forth in a slow pace, and repeatedly gets him excited. He and she look each other, and listen to the sound of breathing. Imagine that her vagina instills a healing power into him, and try to carefully to listen to his heart beat, and the sound of his breathing. If the heart beats quickly, hold on for a moment until it beats more slowly, and extract her tail bone muscle. His breath may vary from deep breathing to a shallow one. Keep up the pace when his heart beats quickly.

Another posture is that a woman lies on the edge of the bed, a man kneels down, and carefully approaches her. This posture is appropriate for a man who has a ruptured disk. He slightly arches his back with his hands holding her thighs.