Thursday, July 28, 2016

[Wooridul News] Did you wash your hands?

Hello, today I am going to show you one of events that Wooridul Hospital is going on now.

It’s called “Did you wash your hands?”

Being Patients Safety Day, Wooridul Hospital has prepared a glitter bug which help to see how much dirt is on your hands easily, recognizing Wooridul staffs about importance of washing hands. It’s going on from 27th to 29th of July.


First, apply this lotion to your hands, it’s helping your hands glitter and making easy to see how much dirt there is when you put your hands into the glitter machine.

Can you see how dirty your hands are? The areas glittering mean it’s covered with all of lotions and we will see how much it will be left after washing your hands. It proves if you are washing your hands right way or not.

For the next, we need to wash our hands as usual, and let’s see how it goes.
The glitters are almost gone but I’ve still got some glitter on the tip of my fingers, which means I usually do not pay enough attention on washing that part. I should wash my hands more carefully.
The staffs who washed their hands clean, they can get a chance to pick a random free gift! I got a pack of wet tissue!
So, I am going to tell you how to wash your hands right way
First, face both your palms together and rub it with soap.
Second, face both your inner fingers and rub it.
Third, face your palm and back of your hand each other and rub it.
Fourth, grab your thumb with the other hand and wash rotating your thumbs.
Fifth, face your palm and wash between your fingers.
Sixth, put your fingers on the palm and wash under your fingers.
All of Wooridul Hospital staffs are trying to keep clean their hands for our patient’s health and safety. Keeping hands clean is the basic step of hygiene in the hospital. Do not worry about hygiene in Seoul Gangnam Wooridul Hospital! We are always keeping clean ourselves and every facility of course, and reminding hygiene all the time!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

[Health News] The Large Temperature Gap Between In And Outside Making Pain In Shoulder Worse

 Direct cold wind on the shoulders for a long duration makes joint of shoulders stiff and make frozen shoulders.

Usage of air-conditioner has been increasing caused by heat wave. We know overexposure to air conditioning causes us to get sick, but it also can cause arthritis
Recently, the patients who are suffering frozen shoulders are easily getting worse their disease with ceiling air-conditioners which make win directly come to their shoulders.

Overexposure to air conditioning makes joint, muscle of shoulders pain= Frozen shoulders make shoulder to be stiffen and felt like it’s frozen. Articular capsule covering shoulders joint become have inflammatory and thick.
If frozen shoulders patients get cold wind directly for a long duration, the muscle around the joint get stiffen so joint also get stiffen. Stiffness by cold wind disturbs blood circulation and it makes pain of muscle and ligament even worse.
Main symptom of frozen shoulders makes you have restriction for doing exercise. At first, moving shoulders inside makes you feel uncomfortable, the more symptoms are bad, the more hurt you feel when you move your shoulders.
The pain during night is worse than during the day. When the pain is extremely bad, it makes you not easy to fall asleep.
Treatment for frozen shoulders, proper treatment should be considered by the degree of the symptoms. = The surgery is not always essential even if you have diagnosed frozen shoulders. If it is the beginning of disease, medicines, injection, physical therapy and movement therapy may help symptoms to be better.
The treatment will proceed with increasing range of exercise step by step. Warm compress may be along with for soft muscle and blood circulation.
However, if these not-surgical treatments are not helping enough or the disease proceeded already over the middle of period, surgery can be considered. Articular endoscopy is a typical surgery.
Wearing long sleeve shirts = Maintain 5-6 degree of temperature gap between in and outside to prevent extreme pain caused by frozen shoulders when you use air-conditioners.
Put on light long sleeve shirts to not get direct cold wind, stretch out shoulders to circulate your blood and apply a warm pack in a spare time.
Joint is sensitive to changing of temperature or humidity, be sure not to be exposed to cold wind from the air-conditioner to relieve pain. If pain is severe and stays for a long time, proper treatment is required under the doctor’s accurate procedure.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

[Wooridul News] Diplomatic Visiting Seoul Gangnam Wooridul Hospital

In Seoul Gangnam Wooridul Hospital, We had very valuable opportunity having diplomatic corps to here today in 21st of July 2016. They visited our hospital to see the lastest equipments and advanced techniques developed by Wooridul Hospital.


All staffs of Wooridul Hospital is ready for welcoming them. When they are coming one by one, we took them to the 16th Where the first planned ceremony is held.



For the welcoming ceremony, Ho-jin Kim (right), president of Gangnam Wooridul Hospital, made his opening remarks saying that “Generally the number of international patients visiting Korea has been increasing, and Russian and Middle Easterner who are used to have procedure in the U.S. or Europe have been visiting a lot.” and he also said “These changes mean our spinal treatment techniques, so it will be helpful to create national profit and also spread national brand if we are not staying in this position, but develop technology continuously and step out towards creating international medical field with human and material resource.

Egypt Amb. H.E. Hany Moawad Selim Labib continuously made his speech saying that “Korea is one of the countries that developed rapidly in the whole industry with their advanced techniques. Especially medical area has growed up rapidly so I am interested in that because it reached at the point where techniques can be competed with high-developed countries.” and also said “Egypt patients are visiting Wooridul Hospital more and more, so I want my home country patients to be able to get better medical benefits back through continuous exchanges and cooperation.”
Following his remark, Appreciation Plague by the names of visiting diplomats was presented.

Staffs and the visiting diplomats are smiling and posing with their fists closed to commemorate visiting Gangnam Wooridul Hospital
 Devided into 3 groups, they started touring our hospital with experienced staffs. They visited the VIP wards on the 16th floor first and this photo was taken in the movement treatment room in Gangnam Wooridul Hospital. Labib, Egypt Amb, is experiencing one of the movement facilities.

Visiting the PR lounge on the 1st floor

After touring Wooridul Hospital Keum Han-jung, the representative of the international patient center, was giving his lecture about spine, minimally invasive surgery, spinal diseases and advanced Wooridul Hospital’s techniques to name just a few.
They expressed a huge interest on the minimally invasive treatment especially. One of them said “I have searched a thesis about the nonsurgical treatment of Wooridul Hospital on the internet” and “I would like to introduce the advantages of Korean medical system to people who are suffering spinal diseases but not having proper treatment in my home country.”


offering some nice and fresh foods for them at the end.


Wooridul Hospital is gaining the growing number of international patient, and the research indicates it has reached 11,204 patients since 2006 when they started bringing international patient for the first time. As days go by, the patients came from around 126 countries, having advanced medical techniques such as the U.S.A., U.K., Germany, France, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Canada as well as China, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Russia and Mongolia. In our hospital, all of staffs are trying to give the best medical services and overall services for the patients.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

[Wooridul News] Diplomatic Corps' tour to Gangnam Wooridul Hospital!

Short term admission, small incision, minimal scars, and reduced complications, this is what Wooridul Hospital is doing for patients, Amb. Labib

Intl Editor Yeo Hong-il  |
Praises, "Treatments are very advanced & specialized, being better than general hospitals, poured out from the mouthes of Ambassadors, Madames & Senior Diplomats who visited to see at firsthand Wooridul Hospital's spinal facilities and its advanced treatment processes.
Organized by The NDNnews( & Seoulcity magazine in close partnership with Wooridul Hospital ( on July 21st morning, 2016, Diplomatic Corps' tour to the Wooridul Hospital became a valuable opportunity which awakens Diplomatic Missions, spouses & senior diplomats from the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. that Wooridul Hospital plays a leader role of world spinal medical world in terms of hospital name & reality.
▲ Visiting Diplomatic Corps' group photo session to commemorate their visit to the Wooridul Hospital, a worldwide spinal-specialized hospital.
As ambassador-notch envoys, Egypt Amb. Hany Moawad Selim Labib, Iran Amb. Hassan Taherian, Myanmar Amb. Thura H Thet Oo Maung and Latvia Amb. Peteris Vaivars showed keen interests with their spouses by attending firsthand. Participating countries of senior diplomat level included UAE, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Iraq, Romania, Afghanistan & last but not least Vietnam etc.
On behalf of chairman Sang-Ho Lee from Wooridul Hospital who was not able to join owing to his earlier engagement, president Kim Ho-jin of Gangnam Wooridul Hospital said through his welcoming remarks during the opening ceremony: "Wooridul Hospital sincerely hopes to be served as a stepping stone to contribute to the medical cooperations & development of each nations if each nations' medical world, Korea's medical world and personal exchange & academic field and joint R&D with Wooridul Hospital will be proceeded together." (See the excerpts of president Kim's speech at the end of this article!)
 President Kim Ho-jin of Gangnam Wooridul Hospital(right) said through his welcoming remarks during the opening ceremony: "Wooridul Hospital sincerely hopes to be served as a stepping stone to contribute to the medical cooperations with many countries".
As a return address, Egypt Amb. Labib revealed his happy mind, saying that he is very happy by being here personally because he has waist disc problems. Conceding that we ambassadors & diplomats are not experts, he pointed out that we also do not think surgery is always the best way to treat patients. In that regard, we value highly for Wooridul Hospital's approach method which considers the patient conditions first, and then provides step-by-step treatments, Labib said. (See the excerpts of Egypt Amb. Labib's return speech at the end of this article!)
 We value highly for Wooridul Hospital's approach method which considers the patient conditions first, and then provides step-by-step treatments, Egypt Amb. Labib said.
Director Choi Jin's presentation from Wooridul International Patients Center garnered special attentions from participants because of total care solutions of Neuro-Musculoskeletal system including Endoscopic Spine Surgery, Laser-assisted Spine Surgery, & CT-guided Spine Surgery to name just a few. Non-Surgical Offerings include Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Internal Medicine, Conservative Care and Physiotherapy, he explained interestingly for Excellencies, Madames & Senior Diplomats.
Following a presentation ceremony of their Appreciation Plague by the names of visiting Diplomatic Corps. and a group photo session with Wooridul Hospital staffs, visiting Diplomatic Corps. toured foreigner wards located in its 14th floor, movement treatment room including treatment experience as well as stretching, and MRI or CT-related medicine room etc, by the guide of experienced Wooridul Hospital staffs.
Spine treatment as well as spine endoscope lecture dating back to 30 years such as waist & neck disc etc., another highlight for visiting Diplomatic Corps.

Experiencing such treatment & stretching at its movement treatment room at firsthand, Egypt Amb. Hany Moawad Selim Labib & Latvia Amb. Peteris Vaivars revealed satisfactory minds, adding such treatments are interesting and impressed unanimously.
Last but not least, spine treatment as well as spine endoscope lecture dating back to 30 years such as waist & neck disc etc. which were explained by Mr. Keum Han-jung who serves as representative of its International Patients Center, was another highlight for visiting Diplomatic Corps. so that they can understand for example about the real cause of back pain, symptoms of disc herniation, benefits of Minimally Invasive techniques, Endoscopic spine surgery etc. to name just a few.
Excerpts of welcome remarks by president Kim Ho-jin, Gangnam Wooridul Hospital
Spine diseases can bring about many problems in terms of both economically and time in modern society where we have to do brisk activities. In a nutshell, Wooridul Hospital is a hospital which paved the way for the era of spine-specialized hospital for the first time in Korea, heralding the importance of things which are to enhance the quality of life through fundamental & proactive treatment of spine diseases.
Presentation ceremony of their Appreciation Plague by the names of visiting Diplomatic Corps.

Since its inception in last 1982, Wooridul Hospital has been treating only spine disc one field on the basis of its treatment philosophy which is love and human respect and under current chairman Sang-Ho Lee's minimally invasive treatment principles.
The advanced spinal surgical technique developed by Wooridul Hospital is bloodless and minimally invasive to save normal disc tissue. Short term admission, small incision, minimal scars, and reduced complications, this is what we are doing for patients.
In particular, endoscope disc treatment field is an area for Wooridul Hospital which is assessed to have been accumulated its exclusive accomplishments all over the world, among others.
Through not only its treatments, but also many researches, Wooridul Hospital is developing more better treatment methods and as a result, Wooridul Hospital published a total of worldwide SCI-notch 300 papers. Through such R&D treatment performances and paper publications, many patients from all around the world are visiting Wooridul Hospital and in addition, spine doctors of many countries are visiting Wooridul Hospital to learn minimally invasive treatment techniques.
▲ Iran Amb. Hassan Taherian couple & Egypt Amb. Labib couple (first row) who are hospital touring at Wooridul Hospital by the guide of experienced Wooridul staffs.

Wooridul Hospital sincerely hopes to be served as a stepping stone to contribute to the medical cooperations & development of each nations if each nations' medical world, Korea's medical world and personal exchange & academic field and joint R&D with Wooridul Hospital will be proceeded together.
Return speech of Egypt Amb. Hany Moawad Selim Labib
Dear president Kim Ho-jin, Gangnam Wooridul Hospital!
Dear Colleague Ambassadors & Senior Diplomats attending Wooridul Hospital tour this morning !
As dean of visiting Ambassadors, it is a great pleasure & privilege for me Egypt Amb. to the Republic of Korea to visit Wooridul Hospital, a worldwide spinal-specialized hospital which is famous for focusing on spine treatment from the last 34 years after it was first established in Busan in 1982, with my colleague ambassadors & senior diplomats from the Seoul Diplomatic Corps.
Egypt Amb. Hany Moawad Selim Labib who is experiencing treatment & stretching at its movement treatment room at firsthand,

We understand that based on its “Patient First” philosophy, Wooridul Hospital has investigated and developed an advanced spinal surgical technique, the Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery(MISS), that preserves as much of the normal disc tissues as possible and meets patients’ expectations for minimal scarring and fast recovery with reduced complications. I believe that such Wooridul Hospital's advanced spinal surgical technique was possible by its mission, that is, on the spirit of love and human respect, aids the people of the world by minimally invasive spinal surgery and techniques, (MISST) to lead normal or better quality of life.
We ambassadors & diplomats would like to pay keen attention to the fact that the advanced spinal surgical technique developed by Wooridul Hospital is bloodless and minimally invasive to save normal disc tissue. Short term admission, small incision, minimal scars, and reduced complications, this is what Wooridul Hospital is doing for patients.
We ambassadors & diplomats are not experts, but we also do not think surgery is always the best way to treat patients. In that regard, we value highly for Wooridul Hospital's approach method which considers the patient conditions first, and then provides step-by-step treatments for saving normal disc tissue and other adjacent structures.
As envoy from Arab & the Middle East countries, I have great expectations for such wonderful treatment methods Wooridul Hospital will apply on patients from Arab & the Middle East countries including Egypt as well as Central Asian countries who will fly to Korea to receive such treatments. Once again, I as dean of visiting ambassadors would like to express our sincere appreciation for inviting Diplomatic Corps to Wooridul Hospital. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

[Health News] Rise in patients suffering herniated discs in neck

Increased use of smartphones is suspected as one of the reasons behind the rise in the number of herniated cervical disc patients in Korea, according to the National Health Insurance Service on Sunday.

Newly released NHIS data showed the number of cervical disc patients rose from 699,858 in 2010 to 868,729 in 2015. The total amount of hospital fees for treatment of the condition also jumped 35 percent over the same period, from 166 billion won ($142 million) to 226 billion won.


Professor Jang Ho-yul of NHIS Ilsan Hospital said, “The widespread use of smartphones and tablet PCs and the craning neck position is partly the cause behind the growing number of cervical disc patients.”

Other factors leading to the condition include the proportion of neck muscle according to gender and age group, as well as seasonal activities.

Female patients outnumbered males in every age group, making up an average of 56 percent in each age group, due to their comparatively petite frames and weaker muscular power, Jang said.

An analysis of hospital records by month showed a surge in disc patients in July, presumably due to an increase in outdoor activities and sports during summer.

In the neck, there are seven cervical bones linking the cranium with the vertebral column, each with shock-absorbent discs wedged between. When the disc loses elasticity due to shock or prolonged bad posture, the core of the disc leaks out and agitates the surrounding muscle and nerve roots, causing pain that sometimes requires surgical treatments.

NHIS said the condition, among Koreans, occurred the most among those in their 50s, followed by those in their 40s, 60s, 70s, 30s and 20s.

Ways to prevent herniated cervical disc, as advised by the NHIS, include maintaining a straightened posture with the chin slightly raised upwards.

NHIS said that people who work mostly in front of computers should place their monitors at eye level and refrain from bending their necks forward too much. They should also stretch once in a while.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

[Health News] Playing golf after lumbar vertebra fusion

Playing golf is required after enough recovery time of patients’ condition under the doctors’ instruction. Generally, wearing a back external brace is recommended to help bones to stick and hold together for 2-3 months after surgery.
The function for internal back to be fixed is going with external back brace and bone fusion stimulator so you should avoid even little moving. We are going to look up the cautions after lumbar vertebra fusion.

12 weeks later after surgery
Excessive moving should be avoided for 12 weeks after surgery. Even though internal brace is fixed right after surgery, osteoblast hasn’t come into the part, and if a new bone brace is not fixed around the old bones perfectly, this could be fail surgery. The metal screw and stick is being supporters, these are stick together by in-growth of bone.
Walking is what only is recommended for 12 weeks after surgery, the condition may be checked by X-ray during these 12 weeks. If your bones are stick together well, you may remove the external brace.

12-16 weeks later after surgery.
Generally, for 12-16 weeks after surgery, a light exercise is recommended like a back stretching. This is helpful to recover your back fast if you do these nothing strenuous or painful.
Stretching to make your back soft



24 weeks later after surgery
You may allow mid-range-ion shot iron shot with light swing, long iron shot and wood shot are allowed at 28th week. Restricted amount of practice may be safer than doing it in full round or nine whole round for recovery.
28 weeks later after surgery
You are allowed to start nine whole round after 28 weeks of surgery, but it’s important to play only nine whole at the first start to prevent re-injury.
During the recovery time, difficult shot position and thick rough shot must be avoided.
Light bunker shot is allowed, but small and deep bunker shot must be avoided. You have to keep in mind that the doctors’ effort on your surgery may be disappeared due to your effort to take a ball from the deep and small bunker and to hit it.
Golfers who enjoy active golf meet different shots needed to change address, position and legs. Moreover, different situations such as thick or thin rough, slope, shot on the sand make patients do excessive shot. These cause injury again. What you commonly can hear from hurt golfers in the hospital is they felt pain again in their back when they play strong shot.
Must keep in mind !!!
1. Stretching before you go to play
2. Take a ball out from the bunker and rough, and then hit it.
3. In case you feel pain again, stop playing and do not start again for at least a month
4. Consult with the doctor before you start any exercises.


Monday, July 11, 2016

[Wooridul News] Wooridul Hospital, Rate Of Success On The Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy Reaches 95.7%.

10,228 of Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomies which have been taken from 2001 to 2012 in Seoul Gangnam Wooridul Hospital (Director Ho-jin Kim) were analyzed and resulted in 95.7% of success.
A huge clinical analysis and research paper about re-operate and the reason from Wooridul Hospital have recorded on the world SCI level of international symposium journal named ‘Neurosurgery’.
This is the first research paper which is telling about over 10,000 cases of Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy(PELD) results. These are the results of what Wooridul Hospital has been continuously studying as a leader of endoscopic treatment for 30 years.
Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy(PELD) is a way of cutting skin only 0.6cm and inserting laser and endoscopy to check and treat with the monitor screen. The laser used during surgery is really thin like a hair, and precise enough to insert the narrow space between bones and nerves, so it’s less dangerous than old open spine surgery and it treats a basical reason without transfusion and general anesthesia.
According to the research, among 10,228 of PELD used endoscopy and laser from 2001 to 2012, successful results rate is 95.7% which means highly successful. 4.3% of patients got re-operation, because herniated disc was not removed totally or it was removed but reoccurred.
PELD may be proceeded depending on the feature of herniated disc so competence of operating surgeon is very important.
Wooridul Hopital’s chairman named Sang-ho Lee wrote a journal and said “You may think the endoscopic surgery is simple but it’s very complicated and difficult for doctors, so repeat and precise technique are needed” and “I hope this research will be a scientific foundation to help doctors and patients decide their opinion about the surgery.”

[Wooridul News] If It’s Hard To Stay Sitting With A Same Position..

If people hurt their back, most people think if it’s a disc disease. Originally, disc means specific tissue between spines. This does like a cushion, absorbs shock so that spines can smoothly move without crushing.

Disc is lost its ability as a cushion by frequent damages, and can’t stand the pressure so it’s towards nerve. Getting push nerves and what it caused is called lumbar disc or disc prolapse.

◇lumbar pain and disc disease= The back consists of lumbar vertebraes 5 disc, ligament, muscle, and nerve. If one of those things has a problem, you may get pain. There are some diseases on the back such as disc prolapse, spinal disc instability and spinal stenosis.

Even having pain on the back, it’s not always problem on the disc but if you have three syptoms below, you would better go to see a doctor. First, when you feel numbness, sharpness and tightness in your legs. Second, when it’s too hard to sit down on the floor, and not be able to sit with a same position for over 10 minutes. Third, when the leg hurts even by few minutes walking and the symptoms are getting ok after a few minutes of rest.

◇consultation and treatment on the disc diseases= Patients need to be checked with X-ray to see spine and the gap between discs, and in case there are problems, MRI is needed. MRI is to check accurately the degree of change and herniated disc and stenosis.

Once you have lumbar disease, patients are going with conservative treatment such as medication, traction, heat or electrical treatment, except surgery is inevitable, and the symptoms get better without surgery in most cases. Recently, a simple nerve treatment makes a pain better early.

However, in case it’s not getting better with conservative treatment for 4-6 weeks, a pain is severe, or nerve numbness come along, 10% of patients need surgery.

Currently, they are going with spinal anesthesia and minimally invasive spine surgery, not general anesthesia. With 3cm of incision, disc is removed by laser through an operating microscope.

The most important thing is working out regularly for your healthy spine. Walking and Swimming are required to people who have weak back, tennis and climbing need to be avoided. Straight posture is important and suddent exercises and stretching is required.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

[Wooridul News] Secret Of Life , Mr.Hong Who Weighed Around 100kg…

Walking stairs drew great attention from the program name “Secret Of Life”.

People today who are tired of busy life prefer elevators and escalators which are easy and convienent to stairs. However, while we take these kinds of easy ways, our health turn warning sign.

According to Secret Of Life, people think we should make spare time to work out, but we should realize that there are stairs which can make us work out and which is in everywhere.

The program is showing us the great effects of walking stairs and climbing.

In the program in September 2014, it already showed us the importance of walking stairs and daily routine exercise. Since it’s mentioned, Seoul Jamhyun elementary school set up healthy stairs telling health information for their students, to make the students have positive thought about stairs.

Secret Of Life tried survey to 500 officers, 60.5% fo them haven’t used exercise facilities after they applied. The reason why it happens is they think they need a another time to work out, but using stairs have nearly same effect with working out in the facilities. Stairs can help metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, and early degenerative arthritis which are the main adult disease to be better.

Mr. Hong(65) weighed around 100kg got his health with using stairs and daily routine exercise, and also he won a prize in a bodybuilder award. Dr. Byungcheol Jang who is the highest authority on the heart valve surgery has been using only stairs since 15 years ago.