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[Health News] Joint Health And Meal

Joint Health And Meal


Most people who are interested in health care said that nutritionally balanced meal is the best way of keeping health.

For example, the meal with not enough calcium and vitamin D leads to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease that makes bones easy to break and weak, so it leads bones change quickly and makes pain worse. Therefore, raw fish, anchovy, and milk are needed and expose to the sun so that you are able to get calcium and vitamin D which make prevent from osteoporosis and arthritis.
Strong drinks make bones weak, put on weight so it’s good to be avoided. Also alcoholic drink makes liver and stomach severely damaged when you are taking arthritis medicine with. Instant foods have lots of salt, it causes articular joint swell and not be able to be active so too much salty foods should be avoided.

Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by problems of immunity. Immunity is strongly related with the meal. The lack of vitamin and mineral make immunity drop.
Undernourishment, and even overnutrition are also making immunity drop. The foods to immunize are sesame, mushrooms, herbs, seaweed, greenish yellow vegetables. These kinds of foods have antioxidative activity which helps to remove bad poison in your body. Fishes have a kinds of fatty acids called EPA. It makes brain active so eating fish to get EPA enough is good for children and middle-aged people who are getting less memories, and old people who are worried of dementia. However, it’s hard to change the eating habits. It’s another good way to eat seaweeds which have similar nourishment instead of fishes. Seaweeds are called wild ginseng in the sea because it has lots of nourishments. It prevents viral bacterial infection such as cold and tuberculosis, and it’s great for rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure.

Being overweight applies pressures on the articular joint so it may cause ostarthritis on the knees and the coxa, so it’s important to keep balanced weight. There is a report saying that when middle aged women lose their weight for 5kg or more, attack rate of ostarthritis could be reduced around 50%. The patients with severe pain on the articular joint could lose their appetite because of being tired and pain, so it’s important to overcome arthritis with regular and balanced meal for them.

Resource : Health column, The Catholic University of Korea Catholic Medical Center

[Health News] What Are Good Or Bad Exercises For Waist Health?

What Are Good Or Bad Exercises For Waist Health?

Exercise that the patients need is swim.

Swim is good for both healthy people and the person who is with weak waist. It’s good to play swim after two week from surgery, it’s helpful to walk in swimming pools for old people who are not used to swim. Backstroke is the best way of swimming, and the butterfly stroke should be avoided if you had a backache and after surgery.
Walking and Running is the easiest way to prevent backache and make the muscle on the waist stronger effectively. However, in case you have severe backache and after surgery, walking on the flat ground is needed. Running and using running machine have to be needed to use after when patients get much better.

Working out and aerobics are effective to make waist stronger and to improve flexibility of the waist, so those are needful in case backache is not severe and after patients get better after their surgery.
Exercises that you need a racket such as tennis, badminton and table tennis are not that great exercise for the waist, but light exercise is not a problem.

Playing golf is hard to be said a good exercise, so it’s good to start it slightly when patients get much better from the surgery and backache, and it has to be avoided when you had any symptoms.

What patients have to keep in mind is climbing and cycling.
These have to be avoided right after surgery and when patients have severe backache. These are helpful to make spine muscle stronger but when the waist has not perfect condition, it’s even making backache worse, also it makes recovery slow, so for 3 months from the surgery or if you had severe backache, it has to be avoided.

Resource : health column from Severance Hospital

[Wooridul News] Wooridul Hospital Had An Educational Program Called “MISS Course” for Overseas Medical Team

Wooridul Hospital Had An Educational Program Called “MISS Course” for Overseas Medical Team

33 countries and 357 participants since 2004, Recently Doctor from the Argentine Republic was educated
2016.06.18 11:16:54
Gang-nam Wooridul Hospital mentioned that recently two doctors from Pain Center CEMECID in the Argentine visited Korea to learn endoscope laser disk procedure.

They are a pain specialist Dr. Antonio Carlos REZOAGLI and a neurosurgeon Dr. César Augusto Calzone.

They are specialists working at Pain Center CEMECID in Buenos Aires, They visited Wooridul Hospital to learn their spine treatment technique and participated the 89th MISS Course program for 2 days from May 30th.

Gang-nam Wooridul Hospital MISS Course program is one of the Wooridul Hospital training courses for home and abroad spine specialists to educate professionally minimally invasive spinal treatment. It was 89th, 357 specialists from 33 countries participated since 2004.
Organized educational programs such as hands-on workshop which is proceeded with lessons, operation inspection, and spine model was taken.

Dr. Antonio Carlos REZOAGLI who joined the program said “I met the president of Wooridul Hospital Sang-ho Lee at the international academy for the first time, and I got interested in disc treatment used endoscopy and lazer, so I have been visiting and learning those.”

Also said “I asked about the courses to learn SELD and PELD deeply, I totally satisfied with the organized courses.”, “It’s beginning to do minimally invasive spinal treatment in Argentine. I expect that we are going back with the new and advanced technique that we haven’t knew about and give colleagues motivation back in Argentine.

Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia was the main countries at the beginning of the MISS Course program, but it has been spreading to lots of countries through the global academies and introduction by acquaintances.

Recently, the doctors from U.S.A, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Argentine, Australia and UAE have participated in the MISS Course program.

The president of Wooridul Hospital named Sang-ho Lee said “Endoscopy disc treatment is essential to have intense training because accurate technique and experience are important. Actually there are some doctors who participated in the MISS course over 2 times, because it gives practical training to be able to use in the real medical treatment. I’ll make an effort to spread accurate technique as much as the whole world focus on Korean medical techniques.

Byung-ki Song []

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How To] 3 Ways Of Stretch To Treat Plantar Fasciitis

How To] 3 Ways Of Stretch To Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Yonhap news TV | Ji-Woong Wang | 2015.11.11 11:48

Patients who have plantar fasciitis which leads twinge pain have been increasing 3 times compared to 7 years ago.

When you put on weight suddenly, do excessive exercise like a marathon, or the exercise which push power on lower body such as tennis, soccer or golf can cause it.

What the soccer player named Heung-min Son makes distress is plantar fasciitis.

To prevent and treat plantar fasciitis, the stretch to loosen up the muscle on the foot is really important.

Put a ball under your foot and rub or put your both hands on the wall and bent the only one side and stay still for 5-10 seconds.

Wrap the inside of the foot with a towel and grab it,
and pull it around 10 times a day.
This will be really helpful.

Yonhap news [How to] is going to introduce you 3 ways of stretch to prevent plantar fasciitis from Dr.Yong-gap Jung in orthopaedic department in Seoul Gangnam Wooridul Hospital.

<Editor : Ji-Woong Wang>

A Thoracic Disk Prolapse] The Back And The Chest Hurt Itself, But There Are No Problems On The Examination…

A Thoracic Disc Prolapse] The Back And The Chest Hurt Itself, But There Are No Problems On The Examination…

2015-07-19 [20:14:13] | Edit 2015-07-19 [23:08:24] | Post  2015-07-20 (23 page)

▲ Dr.Hoyoungo-Gang in Dongnae Wooridul Hospital is treating a patient who has thoracic disc prolapse with endoscope. Dongnae Wooridul Hospital provided.

When we think about disc prolapse, usually the waist and neck come to our mind first.
There are lots of patients who have problems and pain on the lumber and cervical spine.
There is a disc on the thoracic spine but it is not common so that not well known.

It has similar symptoms as heart disease, but it cannot be found with MRI, CT check.

The patients who have thoracic discs are not common compared to the patients who have discs on the lumber or cervical spine. It only takes around 1% of the whole disc patients.

It comes with numbness on the arms or legs. Keep away from slouch.

Thoracic disc prolapse has similar symptoms on the back and the chest as the symptoms of heart disease or the other diseases, so it’s not easy to make an accurate diagnosis.

■If you feel any pain on the back and the chest, it has to be suspected.

A has a pain on the left rib at some point. She’s always felt kind of tightening on the rib and the chest. It gets worse when she was sitting for a while, and it gets better while she was lying.

She has seen a doctor saying that it is because of stress, so she considered it not that seriously. However, the numbness has been spreading out to the chest, even arms and legs as well. A had MRI, CT, ultrasound, endoscopy, and heart disease check, but there are no problems.

She visited lots of hospital with an unknown pain, and she ended up identifying the disease that she has. She had tiny disc prolapses on between 3 and 4, 6 and 7 in the back.

Patients who have a thoracic disc prolapse are not common compared to the patients who have a cervical disc and a herniated disc.

Dr.Hoyang-Gang in Dongnae Wooridul Hospital in Busan said “a thoracic vertebra which consists of 12 bones has a stable structure with ribs, and there are not much of movements so the disc prolapse is not common.” “According to the research result, it only takes around 1% of the whole disc patients rate.” Recently, they are doing MRI check for whole of spine so a thoracic disc prolapse has founded sometimes, but normally, there is no symptoms.

The most common symptom of a thoracic disc prolapse is a pain on the back and the chest.

If you have a thoracic disc prolapse on the top part, near the neck, some numbness on the arms and pain on the shoulders and neck may be happened. If there is a problem on the thoracic disc near the waist, you will feel pain on the waist and your sides, even numbness of legs may be included.

Before and after the endoscopy treatment for a thoracic disc prolapse. The disc which was out toward to the nerve is removed after the treatment.

■Straight posture is the best way

Disc prolapse is strongly related with the bending forward posture.

If you keep your posture bending forward side for a while, it leads spine regression. Bad posture makes the muscle and ligament tense, it makes not to spread power to the discs properly. That’s why the thoracic disc prolapse is coming with discs on the lumber or cervical spine.

If you have a good posture that doesn’t damage on the spine, you don’t have to worry about the thoracic disc prolapse.

If you have thoracic disc prolapse caused by the bad posture maintained for a while, proper treatment is important.

In case of not much serious level of the disc prolapse, it may be better with the simple injection treatment. However, it needs detailed treatment because there are important organs such as heart, lung, liver on the chest which thoracic is located, and there is a central nerve between the thoracic. It need to be seen with CT video, check the way for needle earlier, and then deliver the drug on the exact part.

If the injection treatment doesn’t work, percutaneous endoscopy disc remove treatment which is preferred method for disc prolapse could be used. It is a treatment using laser and high frequency with endoscopy to remove the disc which is pushing the nerve. It is preferred method because it needs only local anesthetic, leads to recover quickly, and it doesn’t make any scars.

Dr.Gang mentioned that “Thoracic is connected with ribs and the distance between discs is narrow so it’s not easy to access”, and “It makes the nerve and lung damage when the treated area missed slightly, it is needed to be seen the treated area and the progress with CT in real time, so it has to be ended up without any error.”

The remedy of thoracic disc prolapse is not totally different with the prolapse of lumber or cervical spine. It has to be kept with principle of the treatment.

Hynwoo Lee/

A Severe Pain ‘Ruptured Knee Cartilage’ New Treatment Developed

A Severe Pain ‘Ruptured Knee Cartilage’ New Treatment Developed

2016/04/29 14:29
Medical staffs in Wooridul hospital saidIt can be cured with suture screw, without knot
(Seoul=Yonhap news) Aeran Kang = A new treatment which sutures without knot for cartilage rupture that makes knee pain developed in Korea
Sangsu-En who is the head of the treatment department of Seoul Gangnam Wooridul Hospital published on 29th about a new technology to suture ruptured back side of the half-moon shaped cartilage which is between two kneecaps has developed.
The research report appeared in the latest international scientific journal named “The Knee”
A ruptured back side of the half-moon shaped cartilage could be happened to Asians who have sedentary lifestyles, especially women who are over 50 years old. If you have a dull pain when you sit with your knees bended or go upstairs, this may be suspected.
The existing treatment was complicated to trim the torn parts, to make a hole at the bone to draw the thread, and it takes long time.
This new treatment which is needed to use suture screws takes around 30 minutes to have a surgery, and it makes their pain relieved and recovers their damaged area quickly.
He said “If you miss the proper time to have a surgery, the arthritis may be happened so that you need a big operation like an joint replacement surgery”, and emphasized “If you have a pain on your knees, since there is the easy and fast way of treatment, you should go to see a doctor right away”


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Thanks letter from Mrs. Sarah Campbell

Mrs. Sarah wrote letters to Dr. Sang Ho Lee & all doctors who treated her.
She wrote 'Thanks a lot' in Korean. What a lovely handwriting!

Thank you very much indeed for your care and kindness last January/Feburary.I had complete faith and confidence in you and your dedicated doctors to help me with my tricky medical situation. I am so grateful that my experience at Wooridul Hospital was a positive one. I believe that this was because under your supervision. I received the very best care available from sensitive, highly, competent doctors excellent nurses and support staff.I am now enjoining activities, I thought I would never be able to touresome such as cooking, gardening, singing, drinking, and exercise. My family have noticed a huge improvement, they are so happy that I am now feeling much better. I am eternally grateful to you for helping me achieve this, for giving me confidence and a positive outlook for the future.

Yours sincerely,
Sarah Campbell