Wednesday, March 29, 2017



NCS (neurocryostimulation) is a new concept of high-tech treatment device that enables a simple and rapid treatment by maximizing self healing ability your body.

Cryotherapy or Ice therapy is the application of cold to the body tissues after injuries such as postoperative care, rheumatic pain, stress fracture, acute sprains, skin problems and reconstruction of ROM.

Local cold application may be applied by the use of various forms of ice or frozen gel packs, or by evaporation of volatile fluids from the skin. Often skin temperature is reduced to 10C˚.


4 effects of Cryotherapy

- Analgesic Effect
- Anti-inflammation
- Vasomotor Reflex
- Muscle Relaxation

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

[Wooridul News] MISS Course (Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Course)

"We choose Wooridul Hospital, because it is the world’s best hospital in the field of endoscopic spinal procedure and minimally invasive spine surgery. We are very satisfied with their 'MISS Course program', and we have seen that patients are receiving high quality treatments in Korea." Dr. Rustam Djabbarov, OS Barzilai University Medical Center Israel, expressed satisfaction with the 91th MISS Course program, which was held on the 20th of Februrary for a week.

The 'MISS Course program' is a specialized training course of Wooridul Hospital that focuses on minimally invasive spinal procedure through systematic education programs consisting of lectures, surgery observation and a spine model hands-on workshop. Since 2004, 325 specialists from 37 countries have participated. The curriculum is divided into basic and advanced courses including interventional spine procedures such as neuroplasty, and minimally invasive spine surgery such as fusion (MIS surgery) courses. Wooridul provides a step-by-step, customized training course. 

There are 6 specialists from Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan and Israel participated in this MISS Course. As the popularity of the training program has grown over the years, the competition for participants has become fierce. Since the number of people to be recruited is limited to six people per the training session, there were many applicants who were delayed their course session to Advanced Course in April and Basic Course in August due to an early deadline.

"The next 92 missions will be held in April, but there have been a lot of inquiries from many participants." Most of the participants were working as spine specialists in their own countries and many doctors who want to revisit and refine the curriculum. So we recently take part in the training programs. Endoscopic spinal treatment requires a lot of experience and skills, so we are trying to be more accurate and correct when passing our skills. We are pleased that foreign doctors understand this and are participated in the curriculum." Dr. Jun-Seok Bae said.

See below the interviews from doctors who participated in our 'MISS Course' program.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Signing ceremony of healthcare cooperation agreement between Wooridul Hospital & Galaxia SM

Spine specialty Wooridul hospital is reborn as a health guard for various fields of sports stars both in and out of the country.

On March 8, Gangnam Wooridul Hospital (The president/Kim, Ho-jin) announced that Signing Ceremony of healthcare cooperation agreement between Wooridul Hospital and the largest spotainment company in Korea Galaxia SM(CEO/Shim, Woo-taek). Accordingly, players of Galaxia SM will be able to systematically receive rehabilitation treatments for various injuries including sports injury at Wooridul hospital.
In the agreement ceremony held at Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Wooridul Hospital, and Chairman of Wooridul Hosp. Sang-ho Lee, President of Wooridul Hosp. Ho-jin kim, Representative of WooridulBio, Inc. Sang-hoon and Representative of Galaxia SM Woo-taek Shim, a baseball commentator Jong-beom Lee, a golf player Ahn Shin-ae and officials from the agency and representatives attended the event.
The chairman Mr. Sang-ho Lee said "More than 300 SCI research papers and more than 10,000 people It has already been proven internationally, such as educating more than 600 overseas specialists, as well as foreign patients' medical treatment, as well as the medical care of Korea's leading hospitals and Korea's largest spattering company, Galaxia SM, "As a result, the best athletes in each field representing our country will be able to maintain optimal health conditions and maximize their performance, There is an important opportunity to contribute, "he said. Lee said, "Our hospital is able to maintain the best conditions for the athletes through 'Cause Remedy, which accurately grasps the cause of the disease and treats it neatly.'
"Shim Woo-taik, CEO of Galaxia SM, said," The agreement with Woori Hospital has been applied to the treatment of sports injuries and rehabilitation. It will be an important occasion, "he said." Through systematic health management on sports stars, it is important to ensure that the athletes perform well in a healthy state, It is also the starting point for more systematic treatment of health care that the club has done passively. "

Lee Jong-beom and Ahn Shin-ae who participated in the agreement said, "Athletes are uneasy because they are always in danger of being injured, so we look forward to systematic managing of Wooridul Hospital that will match its reputation. "

[Edaily/Lee, Soon - Yong]