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[Wooridul News] Sharing the warmth with neighbor

Wooridul Hospital
Sharing the warmth with neighbor
Creating the Healthy and Happy life through the technological transfer and sharing service 


Jun Seok Bae-Neurosurgeon, Medical director of Gangnam Wooridul Hospital, returned back to South Korea on July 14th with tanned black face after completing his schedule of 5 days from Maharashtra in western India.

Medical Director, Jun Seok Bae had tough schedule with daily 2~3 hours of movement to consult and caring patients as much 900 patients a day in unfamiliar named wilds that takes 10 hours to get there by car from Mumbai (capital city of the Maharashtra state).
“Local circumstances were very poor to get enough medical care and most of them were first time to getting the medical benefits.  Women were marring at their young age and does heavy work. There were no one without anemia, with bad nutritional status and back pain and knee pain, severe systemic pain…Also most patients needed urgent treatment.  

We prepared necessary equipment and medicines as much as possible with supports of Indian NGO organization, the Spring of Desert and South Korea Love community society, Wooridul Hospital Social Responsibility support program, but the number of patients who wanted to have treatment were over than our expectation. That’s why we returned the people who were waiting until the end. It was really regretful and felt so sorry for them.

However we delivered the hopeand all staffs who participated in Medical healthcare Volunteer, everyone have done their best. Although medicine and injections were all, but patients shed tears of gratitude. It was precious time that realized me sense of duty as a doctor once more.”

Wooridul Spine Hospital, We specialized and focused on Spine treatment field for over than 30 years and national representative Spine Hospital that provides “Spine total care”.

The Principles of minimum invasive treatment is to develop varies treatments to relieve the spinal disorder pain who is suffering, so that patients are able to return to their normal life as possible as faster.

Currently spine treatment technology of Wooridul Hospital is leading in the world, from the surgery of curable disease that required high-level surgery to Minimal Invasive Procedure that treats only the lesions with small wounds by using high-tech equipment such as Endoscope microscope and Lasers etc

Wooridul hospital is non-exclusive latest technology and has generously invested in technology transfer and sharing the knowledge. As a result, we flooded in requests of international technical training and knowledge sharing.

Orthopedic medical director of Gangnam Wooridul Hospital, Gene Cheh visited Orthopedic Hospital of Myanmar Mandalay for second Medical care service in June.

Medical Director Cheh selected surgery patient and established treatment plan by exchanging email with local doctors several months before his visiting Myanmar.
He had surgeries for 17 patients with severe spinal abnormalities in 5 days of residing and each day 3 to 4 people operated.

Director of “Butter Fly Foundation ” Dr. Andrew Morton said “Myanmar children and patients with spinal deformities treatment. so that they can have a normal spine, deformity surgery technology transfer to local staff and further wishes to exchange knowledge we chose the hospital medical staff in Korea.  When surgery proceed we felt that our choice was right and Korean Spine treatment technology was with amazing level.

Director Gene Cheh said “My heart breaks when I see the unattended patients who did not receive treatment at right time.  “Feeding the way with how to catching fish is much better than giving a fish”. Treating patient is important but technology transfer is needed more than anything, Technology that we have gotten is, technology transferring is necessary more than anything to  be carried to the patients in right place.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

[Tourist attraction] EVENT: "ENJOY MOBILE KOREA",

It might be usefull information,  who is planning to visit Korea in 2016
There is an event titled under "ENJOY MOBILE KOREA", also called EMS.

The Korea Tourism Organization, Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom  are gathered together and offering “Enjoy Mobile Korea” event, allowing foreign visitors to have an opportunity to experience its services free of charge. In the program, foreigners arriving in Korea will be able to use -unlimited voice calling services
- up to 5GB mobile data
- brand-new smartphones for free.

Participating customers can also easily look up tourism information, such as tourist attractions, hotels and popular restaurants, through a "Visit Korea" application offered by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

The event will continue until the end of this your, which means  MAR-15-2016 ~ DEC-31-2016

SK company will provide participating customers with unlimited voice calling and text message services and 1GB mobile data every day at no charge for five days a week. The state-run tour agency is operating the website, in which foreign tourists can apply for the event, while Samsung Electronics has presented 300 Galaxy Note 5 smartphones.

In the "Enjoy Mobile Korea" event, 250 foreigners visiting Korea can use brand-new smartphones free of charge for up to five days every week. Thus, it will benefit a total of 12,000 people a year.

In addition,  KTO’s VisitKorea app is also installed to make traveling Korea extra convenient for tourists to access useful information such as:
-themed travel
-discount coupons & more.

Important Notes
Foreigners residing in Korea or using a tour package are not eligible for the event.
Smartphone rental is available only at the SK Telecom Roaming Center in Incheon International Airport. No pick up or return of the rental phones are available if you arrive at any other airports.
For any lost of rental smartphone, authorized credit card deposits will be charged (about 900,000 won).
Please ensure to present your passport for personal identification and an international credit card (activated for overseas use) for payment of deposits.
Winners for the smartphone rental event will be selected at random, not on first-come, first-served basis.
How to Apply for a Smartphone
1. Select “Apply for a smartphone” or “Reservation request/confirmation”.
2. Agree on the terms and conditions for the Collection and Use of Personal Information Policy.
3. Enter the required fields that are necessary for confirming personal information upon the pickup of smartphone.
4. Enter any additional information required.
5. If a page pops up saying “You have successfully participated in the event”, it means that your request has been successfully submitted.

The event results will be notified via e-mail entered upon your application for smartphone and also can be checked on the event results view menu every week, by entering your reservation number.
If you forget your reservation number, it can be checked on the “Reservation Number Inquiry” menu.

Services Provided
1GB data (per day) and local calls will be provided for free of charge for 5 days. Note that international outgoing calls are not included in the free rental.You can get travel information on Korea via the VisitKorea app installed in the smartphone.

Those who are selected through screening and drawing lots will be offered information about various benefits at the SK Telecom roaming center on the first floor of the Incheon International Airport.

SK Telecom Roaming Center at Incheon International Airport
Smartphone Rental Pick Up & Return
Address: SK Telecom Roaming Center, located between Gates 10 and 11, Incheon International Airport, 1F.
Operating hours : 06:00-22:00
Rental : Passport, reservation request number, flight ticket, credit card (activated for overseas use).
Return : Passport, Rental Phone, Credit Card (activated for overseas use)
Customer Service Center
080-2525-011 (Only domestic calls allowed)

Here is the link for apply

Monday, October 17, 2016

[Wooridul News] UAE Wooridul Hospital employee training course

Wooridul Hospital in Dubai and Wooridul Hospital in Abu Dhabi employees visited in Gangnam Wooridul Hospital and they had training of ‘Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation’ and also medical benchmarking progressed on last month 26th~30th. 
It is the first time that foreign physical therapist visited domestic hospital to receive training.

This visit is different from the technological training agreement of Mubadalla established Wooridul Hospital in Health Point Hospital of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and, including physical therapist and administrating officers 5 of them who is working local Hospital.

They visited Deparment of Physical therapy to learn direct demonstration of technology and received hands on training and also observed health care system of Gangnam Wooridul Hospital.

Mubadalla and Wooridul hospital made ‘digital hospital system and consignment management’ contracts and established Spine Hospital. Wooridul Hospital is getting royalties, bonus payments based on sales and annual consignment management fee without capital investment.

Currently 50 employees working in Wooridul Hospital of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including domestic dispatched manpower, 1 administrative officer, 1 physical therapist, 3 nurses and 3 Korean physicians including Dr.Chan-Shik Shim, Director of Wooridul Hospital (worked as an director of Gangnam Wooridul Hospital).

Kim Ho-Jin, Director of Wooridul Hospital said “Representative success story of Wooridul Hospital in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in UAE, Wooridul Hospital Abroad Expansion is in such a way to ensure the management right with intangible assets such as Medical Technology and Medical care systems without any capital investment.” And also “Current Wooridul Hospital in United Arab Emirates UAE is being evaluated as successful in localization and expected to be a precedent of successful overseas expansion of domestic hospitals”

Here we included the interveiw, Abu Dhabi Wooridul Hospital and Budai Wooridul Hospital employers who attended in this training course of  ‘Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation’.

UAE Wooridul Spine Center physical therapist Mrs.Aisha al Zaabi.  She Worked in Wooridul Spine center year and half. Her dream was to come and visit in Gangnam Wooridul Hospital. Her dream came true!~ She visited Gangnam Wooridul Hospital and Learned from the Gangnam Wooridul Hospital Physical therapist ...
Mrs. Marinal from Philippines, She works in Wooridul Spine Center as an physical therapist and she waorked there 3 years.  She said " i learnesd a lot from this couse i wanna thank Mr.Jhon and other therapist who help us the giving more knowledge and learned a lot in manipulation" and " In Gangnam Wooridul Hospital, physical therapist work more on their hands and she wants to do it same as like Gangnam Wooridul Hospital therapist in Dubai.
Mr.Vikram Nidigal works in Health Point Hospital of Abudhabi as a quality officer.
Mrs. Hanan, she works as  team leader physiotherapist in Wooridul Health Spine Hospital of Adu Dhabi,

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

[Tourist attraction] KOREA SALE FESTA 2016 / Grand Sale

[KOREA SALE FESTA 2016]  - Shopping tourism Festival

KOREA SALE FESTA is like “BLACK FRIDAY with full of events, like a special shopping offers and culture festivals”.

It developed since last year. In this year ‘KOREA SALE FESTA 2016’ is scheduled on 2016.SEP.29~2016.OCT.31 

Schedules of [KOREA SALE FESTA 2016]

Korea sale Festa is divided into 3 themes.


    From 2016.SEP.29 to 2016.OCT.09
    Few days are left until it ends!~

    Where to go?
Stores, Markets, Online Shopping malls, Traditional

    What are the Mega Discount Items?
    Clothing, Cosmetics, Food and Household appliances etc


     Ceremony will be at Yeongdongdaero
         2016.SEP.29 ~ 2016.OCT.09

**There will be 18 contents & Culture Festivals and 37 regional festival will take place .

3.Tour & shopping for foreigner

         2016.OCT.1 ~ 2016.OCT.21
         **Special deals for foreigner
           -Tourist shopping
           -variety of culture experience events

Shopping Street Festival are opening from September 29 ~ October 9

1.Garosu Road
2.Itaewon Fashion Street
Main contents:    
 *Parade, street fashion show, magic show, SNS photo contest, etc.
 *Shuttle bus arrangements between the two venues, cross distribution of  discount vouchers
Daejeon city:
At Euneungjeongi Street
Main contents:    
 *Augmented reality game events that bench-marked ‘Pockemon GO’
 *Various discount events on certain dates, times and customers.
Gwangju city:
At Chungjang-ro
Main contents:
 *Augmented reality game events that bench-marked ‘Pockemon GO’
 *Various discount events on certain dates, times and customers.
Pohang city > Silgaecheon Road:
- Up to 40% discounts of over 800 stores, up to 80% discounts of 15 outdoor brands
- Sales events of 70 Tax Refund Shops

Participating Companies
Shinsegaye Department Store , Galleria Luxury Hall, Daegu Department store
Dongwa Duty Free shop , Hotel Lotte Co.,Lotte duty Free shop , Sm duty free de Galeria 63, Shinsegae duty Free, Entas duty Free, Entas Duty Free, Shin Woo co.Ltd Duty Free
E-mart, Homeplus, Lotte Mart, Lotte Hi mart, ETLand Price King
E-land Retail, First Village Doota Mall, Mario Outlet, W Mall
MLB, Corcaroli & Tulip, ABC mart
Grand Hilton Seoul, Grand Ambassador Seoul, Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam, The K hotel Gyeongiju, Suanbo Saipan Sap Hotel, Shilla Stay, Urban Place Hotel
N Seoul Tower, Dragon Hill Spa, Alive Museum, COEX Aquarium, Trick Eye Museum, Everland Resort, Teseum Seoul (Teddy Bear theme Park)
Espoir, Innisfree, It's skin, Tony Moly, Primera, Boons, LOBS
-Bright St. Mary’s Laser Eye Center

Airport Railroad, Asiana Airlines

Enquiries during the festival should go to:
 *Korea Grand Sales Event Center
 -Address: Dongdaemun Doota Mall Square (Doosan Tower 275 Jangchundan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

Here are the some Schedules of Korean Cultural Activities that you may interest in it

Seoul fireworks festival
Yeouido Hangang Park
Period: 2016-10-08 - 2016-10-08

Fashion Code 2017 S / S
Namsan J. Grange House
Period: 2016-10-18 - 2016-10-20

Seoul International Music Fair
Sangam-dong, Hongdae ilwong
Period: 2016-10-06 - 2016-10-08


DMC Festival 2016
Location: DMC 클러스터 일원
Period: 2016-10-01 - 2016-10-11

-10.15 K-Pop concert
                coex east gate
-10.16 Exhibition&Performances
              events at COEX D hall



Special Evening
View of Gyeongbokgung
at Gyeongbokgung,  Seoul
Period: 2016-10-24 ~ 2016-10-28


National and public museums
and galleries and Palaces etc
Period: 2016.10.26 ~ 2016.10.26


2016Korea International Art Fair
COEX A, B Hall
Period: 2016.10.12-2016.10.16



2016 Hangul great cultural feast
Seoul, Gwanghwamun Square
Period: 2016.10.08 - 2016.10.09







If you want more information click on the link:


Monday, October 3, 2016

[Wooridul News] [Health News] Stenosis can be treated by endoscope.

Stenosis can be treated by endoscope.
Spine endoscopic surgery can be done by 2 small holes.

[Symptoms of spine stenosis]

- back pain
- numbness in buttock and legs
- curved back
- difficulty of walking long time

[New TWO HOLES ENDOSCOPE procedure ]

To eliminate bone that grew up and decompress the pressed nerve  by using endoscopic intrsuments through 2 small holes. Endoscopic procedure is not only used for spinal stenosis,also uses for hard bone that was difficult to treat and slipped disk to remove.

Two small holes endoscopic surgical method

MRI scaning before and after "Two Holes Endoscopic Surgery "


Spine nerve is Completely Decompressed  picture


Sang Soo, Eun
Medical Director of Wooridul Hospital