Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Wooridul Hospital is the Best!


Age/Gender: 25Y / M
Markevich Denis

 Date of surgery: 10.2015
Fall down from 2nd floor, 10m high
Shooting and throbbing pain in both heels
Swelling and bullae

Came to Wooridul with a cast for an urgent surgery

Fracture of calcaneus, closed

ORIF calcaneus Fx(Lt)  on 14 Oct 2015
ORIF Calcaneus Fx(Rt)  on 21 Oct 2015
Implant (K-wire/pin) Removal  on 2 Nov 2015

* Pre-operation                                              * Post-operation

My Story

Hello, I am Denis. I am from Russia.
I fractured my both heels by accident and the situtation was not good.
Doctors in Russia said surgery will be not easy.
After thinking over with my famil, I decided to come to Korea for surgery.
The reasone why I chose Wooridul is that it specializes in joint and spine treaments. Also I know Wooridul has a lot of surgical experiences.

I had 3 times of surgeries which were done very well. I believe I can walk again soon.
All staffs including doctors are all expert. They are excellent and kind. They know exactly what the patient needs.

Wooridul Hospital is the best! Thank you for everything.

Now, I can walk!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

The 35th Anniversary


◆ Wooridul's 35th Anniversary Ceremony ◆

Cheongdam Wooridul Hospital has 35 years of history.



My Life with Painkiller for the last 36 years

Age/Gender: 57Y / M

 Date of surgery: 04.2016

Low back pain and tightness in buttocks especially when I turn my back and bend forward.
Taking painkiller for the last 36 years
HLD with radiculopalsty
DDD(Degeneration disc disease)

Soft stabilization with instraspine L5-S1 [2016.4.18]
PELAN L4-5S1 [2016.4.18]

My Story
My back and leg pain were much improved after the procedures. Now I can play golf very well without pain.

Hello, I am Francois and I am from France.
I injured my back at L4/5 when I was skiing.
I started to feel back pain 36 year ago and cannot turn my back or bend down to pick up something because of pain on back, buttock, leg and arm.
I was seen by many French doctors, but any specific diagnosis was not made; however, Dr. Sang Ho Lee found my problem based on MRI and recommended minimally invasive spinal surgeries.

I decided to come to Korea and see Dr. Lee.

I saw all doctors at Wooridul gathered and shared their opinion about my case. During procedure, I was able to communicate with the surgeon if I feel discomfort or pain since the surgery does not require general anesthesia.

I felt very comfortable during the procedure, and I could walk after an hour. It was wonderful that no longer feel leg pain.

I found that all staffs and nurses at Wooridul are very kind and ready to help whenever I need. For me, it was great pleasure to come and get treatment at Wooridul!

Thursday, May 18, 2017


In celebration of Wooridul's 35th anniversary,
a charity bazaar was held on Friday May 12 ⧬

Monday, May 15, 2017

Medical Tourism Convention/Free Consultation

Gangnam Wooridul Hospital recently offered free consultations in Kyrgyzstan!

Free Consultation 2017 in Kyrgyzstan
(Apr 15 ~ 19, 2017)

Hospital Tour
(Medical Center of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy)

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Free Consultation 2016 in Kazakhstan

Korea International Medical Tourism Convention 2016 in UAE

Korea International Medical Tourism Convention 2015 in Kazakhstan