Thursday, June 22, 2017

Come here with Cane and Leave here without Cane!

#6   Come here with Cane and Leave here without Cane!

Nationality: Kazakhstan

Age/Gender: 32Y / M
Golochshapov Vassili
Date of surgery: 05.2016


Severe lower back pain in every posture
both buttocks pain (right>left) radiating to back side of legs
Numbness and pulling sensation on feet

Cannot staighten my legs while lying down
Walk with cane and limp

HNP with radiculopathy, lumbar region

Open Lumbar Microdiscectomy, L5-S1

My Story
Hello, I am Vassili and I am from Kazakhstan.
After I was diagnosed with herniated disc disease, I cannot do normal daily life because of severe pain.

All doctors recommended a surgery. My condition has been becoming worse, so I should find a good place to have a surgery as soon as possible.

One of my friends introduces Wooridul, and I search and read Wooriduls treatments and patient's reviews on the internet. The things got fast and I came to Korea 4 days after the first contact.

When I came here, I cannot straighten my back and walk well. I cannot move without a cane. On the first day, after the consultation, I am admitted to have all post-op tests. I have a surgery on the very next day. I feel much relieved after the surgery.

During the hospital stay, I was satisfied with all services I got at Wooridul. The doctors and nurses are very expert. I am glad to choose Wooridul.

When I go back to Kazakhstan, I will recommend Wooridul to people who suffer from similar diseases like me.

Sincerely thank to Dr. Kim, who gave me a new life.

Now I can walk on my own without cane. Thanks again!


Friday, June 16, 2017

14 year-old girl's dream has come true

#5   14 year-old girl's dream has come true

Nationality: UAE

Age/Gender: 14Y / F

Date of surgery: 09.2015


Curved spine
Left thoracic hump 15 degrees
Right lumbar hump 5 degrees

Adolescent scoliosis, thoracolumbar region

Deformity Correction (Posterior), T3-L4
Posterior Fusion T3

My Story

My name is Mohamed. I am a father of Amna.
She heard from the school that her back looks curved.
The doctor in UAE recommended going to USA or Korea to have a surgery, and we chose Korea. Because my father had a surgery at Wooridul before, and the result was great.

Actually, we think a 12 hour of flight and 7 hour of surgery are too dangerous for her, because she is still young and slim.

However, the surgery was done well and her curved back was corrected appreciably. After the surgery, she was on rehabilitation and improved a lot. She wants to wear a backpack, and we are happy to let her do that!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Successful surgery for patient with heart condition and diabetes

#4  Successful surgery for patient with heart condition and diabetes

 Nationality: Kazakhstan

Age/Gender: 74Y / M

Date of surgery: 10.2016
Numbness from buttocks to feet
Weakness on the right leg
Spasm in the leg when I sleep
NIC(neurogenic intermittent claudication): 5mins

Degenerative spondylolisthesis, lumbar region
FBSS(Failed back surgery syndrome)
Foraminal stenosis, lumbar region

Mini TLIF+PPF L4-5
Removal of Implant(posterior) Lumbar L2, L3, L4, L5


My Story

I had a spine surgery in 2002 in Kazakhstan, but it's failed, so I need to have 2nd surgery after 6 months.
I was not that well even after twice surgeries. 10 years later, I decided to have another spine surgery in Israeli in 2012.
Unfortunately, I got infected at that time. The pain was same.

It was hard decision for me though; there was no improvement after the surgery.   
Additionally, I got infected. I was discharged without fully recovery.

After that, I has been becoming worse, trouble walking more than 5 minutes and my life was becoming very difficult. I has contacted several hosptial even in German. Most of hospitals refused to provide additional surgery for me because of my age, surgery failure and risk.

Through my son, I got Wooridul's name and Wooridul gave me positive answers.
When I came to Wooridul, I should walk with cane and assistence by my wife. I felt shortness of breath and hard to walk.

The day after the surgery at Wooridul, my wife and I were amused that I am able to walk wihtout cane. I feel my walking is very stable.

I really appreciate all medical services I had here. Wooridul’s medical quality and technique are definitely high!