Monday, September 26, 2016

[Wooridul News] [Health News] YTN/ Healthy Life/ Ossification of the Posterior Longitidinal ligament / Dr. Han Joong Keum

YTN Health Life introduced about
Ossification of the Posterior Longitidinal ligament (OPLL)

Let’s find out what kind of spine disease is it?!

Dr.Han Joong Keum,  Medical Director of Wooridul hospital  gave us introduction about
Compressed Spinal Cord of Back side spine and neck that caused by Ossification of the Posterior Longitidinal ligament (OPLL).

Dr. Han Joong Keum  Specialist of Neurosurgeon
-Medical Director of Wooridul hospital
-Head of the International Patients Center at Wooridul Hospital
-Korean Neurosurgical Society member –
–Member of  Korean Society of Spine Surgery
-Fellow Americam board of Minimally 
                                                                                     Invasive Spine Specialist (FABMISS)

Ossification of the Posterior Longitidinal ligament (OPLL) is unfamiliar and Posterior Longitidinal Ligament is the ligament that passes through back of the vertebral body.

 -Posterior Longitudinal Ligament , ligament runs through back of vertebral body

Posterior Longitudinal Ligament (PLL) may change like becoming thick & rough and it causes compressing the nerve, in cases of neural disorder is reffered to as posterior longitudinal ligament

-Q: Ossification of the Posterior Longitidinal ligament?
-A: Posterior longitudinal ligament is the disease that    
     compress the nerve and  become thick as like bone.

OPL,it induces similar symptoms like cervical disk. In case of Cervical Disease, mostly symptoms appears in the arm. However, OPLL Starts with the symptoms through neck, thoracic, lumber then appear symptoms like loose strength and  numbness in arm and legs.

<Symptoms of Cervical disk VS OPLL>

Treatment process of  Ossification of the Posterior Longitidinal Ligament (OPLL)
>Accurate diagnosis through more than 5 times confirmation
> treatment begins with medication and physical therapy

In cases of serious symptoms, choice of the surgery should be decided carefully with various considerations.
In Surgically treats with ablative surgery of thickened Posterior Longitudinal Ligament  after accurate diagnoses. (removing the thickned part of PLL )

Beware points are proper posture and revalent exercise everyday for your Cervical Bone Health. Recently People are using computer and smart phones in neck bending posture.
This Posture is not good for the spine.
Straighten up the poor posture and locate your computer & smartphone as your eye level.
It can be left from the causing serious illness. One of the  most important thing to prevent from the ligament ossification is having good  proper posture in your every day life.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

[Wooridul Health News] Modern people Neck Health is at “Red light”… If we leave the disk disease untreated, it may result as paralysis.

Modern people Neck Health is at “Red light”…
If we leave the disk disease untreated, it may result as paralysis.


People with Cervical Disease were 1,909,400 last year…Doubt it if you have sense of numbness in fingers,We put endoscopic tube to resection it, at Wooridul Hospital  
   Treatment developed by Dr. Lee-Sang- Ho,
   No general anesthesia, no blood transfusion and Fast recovery

Neck is the body part that extending nerves from the brain and passes through,
Specially the Spine passing through neck bone, it controls all the functions of our body and helps to relay commands properly that comes from brain to the rest of body.  
It is the reason why serious neck trauma result as paralysis or death

Neck is being abused of increased usage of the computer at office and also smartphone is getting popular and destroying your neck.

Specialists say that 'it seems like neck related patients will be more increased who are taking treatment at hospital or not having treatment'.

Bae Jung Sog, Director of medical department, Wooridul hospital said “If we don’t treat cervical disease properly it might result as walking disorders and may worsen like rely on cane or get on wheelchair” and "Specially elders muscular strength is weak, that’s why they are with high risk of falling easily, in cases of falling down existing neck disease through suddenly paralyzing condition may get worse."

Wooridul hospital conducts endoscopic cervical disk procedure with minimal invasive treatment method that preserved in condition of patients normal body tissue
Wooridul hospital Dr. Lee san ho developed in 1994.

- Surgical procedure is  removing disk part that compressing the nerve by using very thin endoscope into the neck.

-Preserve normall tissue and removing only abnormal disk part through small hole more effective than Existing incision operation.
No need to  worry about the procedure cause there is no need to generel anesthesia and blood transfusion even elder patients.

Wooridul hospital optimized advanced surgery team. Medical team exclusive committed exclusive  3 specialists of surgery from Department of  Neurosurgery, Department of Orthopedic, Department of Radiology and 10 nurses.

-Boosting patient recuperating power through high accurancy during  surgery and saved surgery duration hours.

Not only the cervical area Surgical Team operates all the part like thoracic, lumber, hips....  
International Minimal Invasive Society  has investigated 19 spine hospitals all over the world and Wooridul hospital hold First Rank of surgery result and repetation numbers of surgery.

Monday, September 19, 2016

[Health News] People looking forward their smartphone in the public transport.

People looking forward their smartphone in the public transport.


   These days, it is no exaggeration to say that almost every people using the smart devices when they are in the public transport and most people have an inseperatable relationship with their smartphones.


Average adult head weighing 4-5kg and cervical disk disease wasn't  easy to happen without any special reasons, it wasn't common disease in the past. 

However, in recently usage of the smart devices such as an smartphones and notebooks are increasing  and  it's the reason why people are suffering from cervical disk disease.

Cervical disk is  more weaker and delicate area than the lumber disk, and it’s the way to blood vessel goes to the brain and central nervous system goes down to the lower body. 

Cervical disk disease is not easy to treat and plenty of difficulties that associates with.That's why it is necessary to prevent your neck not to be curved.

Release your neck steadily, raise your hands higher , remember do not bend your neck