Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Wooridul Spine Hospital, hand down to endoscopic spinal surgery techniques to Doctors in USA

The president of Wooridul Spine Hospital Dr. Junseouk Bae has instructed endoscopic spinal surgery to American professors at a medical school in San Francisco.

Dr. Junseok Bae was invited as a faculty member and Keynote lecturer about endoscopic spinal surgery &treatment at UCSF( University of California San Francisco) Orthopaedic Trauma Institute.

The 20 participants were from University of California San Francisco medical school & faculty of Stanford medical school and they were trained advanced endoscopic spinal surgery techniques.
The world’s leading spinal experts Dr. Jian Shen from Nathan Littauer Hospital in New York, Dr. Paul Houle Cape Code Hospital in Massachusetts, Dr. Richard Ibrahim from Spine Competence Center Schreiber Clinic in Germany were attended as a faculty members.

Dr. Junseok Bae has compared how to approach Transforminal & Interlamina which is normally performed  endoscopic disc discectomy for the successful surgery and delivered abundant clinical experiences.
Also he performed lumbar decompression Hands-on courses  to adjust real operation site.
American government acknowledged endoscopic laser disc surgery as a standard treatment, and it was covered by medical insurance from 2017. Endoscopic & laser grafted Korean style operation methods is recognized officially for its safety and effect.
Photo:Dr.Junseok Bae(center) is educating American doctors about endoscopic surgery 

Dr. Paul Haul, a well known neurosurgeon, was educated advanced endoscopic surgery in Wooridul Spine Hospital .

Currently, he teaches these new techniques to doctors in Harvard medical school, Brigham.
He said “Korean style spinal surgery is spotlighting in USA. So it accelerates safe and precise treatment include lumbar, cervical which is connected to cranial nerves, thoracic which is spinal canal is very narrow also vital organs are get together. These cutting edge techniques will changing  paradigm of American spinal surgery in the near future.
The president of  Wooridul Spine Hospital Dr. Junseok Bae said " Endoscopic Spine Surgery has just starting in USA,
Currently, 800 spine surgeons from 45 countries have learned medical practices from Wooridul; and they are actively serve patients in their countries. We have very strong self – confidence about spinal surgery and it is recognized from all over the world. So we will devote ourselves to clinical researches and hand down techniques for the medical innovation"

Monday, January 28, 2019

International Medical Textbook has published "Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery" with 37 year's know-how

Wooridul Spine Hospital has published international medical textbook which is “Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery” for the first time in U.K on Jan 22nd 2019.
This textbook contains 37 years of research and operation know-how of Wooridul.
Wooridul Spine Health Academy hosted a symposium & presenting each chapter to commemorate historical moment in JeJu island on Jan 12th 2019.
Photo: Chairman of Wooridul,Dr.Sang Ho-Lee(The third in the left side of the front row)
and Wooridul Doctors are taking a commemoration photo in Jeju Wooridul resort.

It has a great significance that Wooridul Spinal Operation Team(Dr. Lee Sang Ho, Dr. Bae Junsuk, Dr. Jon Sang Hyup, Dr. Lee Ho Youn, Dr. Shin Sangha, Dr. Keum Han Jung, Dr. Moon Ki Hyoung, Dr. Jo Ji Young) has introduced advanced & cutting edge surgical technique about Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in this textbook.

This textbook attracts attentions on public  cause of many world famous surgeons like Orthopedic Dr. Lewanski South Arizona spine surgery center USA, Dr. Shubart Apex spine center in Germany, Prof. Peinburg North Western Medical University USA were participated to share their medical experiences.

As high interesting & attention is increased about ‘Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery’ in America and Europe, international medical publisher ‘JP Medical’ made this project.
It has described basic theory about lumbar, cervical, thoracic and various treatment cases with advanced & new techniques.
Wooridul spine hospital has focused on spinal treatment over 37 yeas and various minimally invasive surgery & treatment has developed until now.
They opened new age of endoscopic laser spine surgery to graft previous endoscopic laser surgery in 1992.