Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Royal Family of UAE had surgery at Wooridul spine hospital in Dubai

Patients at Cleveland hospital revisit Wooridul due to complications

Recently, 17 years of old man from royal family of UAE fell down on amotorcycle had severely injured in Abu Dhabi. He was transferred to Mafraq trauma center urgently.

However, medical staffs at Mafraq Hospital afraid of  performing surgery that they would be responsible for any postoperative paralytic sequelae. So royal office immediatly ask for help to Wooridul spine hospital in Dubai. Dr. Chan sik-Shim, director of Wooridul in Dubai, performed surgery in a hurry as he diagnosed neck fracture(odontoid process fracture).
                            Wooridul Spine Hospital in Dubai,UAE
Now the royal patient mentioned above enjoying his ordinary life so much.
The reason why royal office ask for help to Wooridul is that they  gave medical treatment over 16.000 patients and underwent 500 operations with remarkable achievements since opening of 2011 Dubai, 2014 Abu Dhabi.
Dr.Shim said "Many patients are keep visiting us to have revision surgery after the implications from Cleveland Hospital in front of our Wooridul hospital"
The Middle East is becoming an active bettleground  for global hospital include Korea,America and Europe.
Many famous global hospitlas like cleveland hospital USA,Johns Hopkins hospital USA, King's college UK, Saudi German hospital  has opened their units in Saudi Arabia to secure a beachhead.