Friday, August 19, 2016

Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy (PELD)

PELD is not including incision but inserting a thin wire into the skin, which means between the conservative and open surgery. It doesn’t disrupt the normal soft tissue or the vertebral structures, treat only damaged herniated disc with laser under endoscopic guidance.

-It makes back pain stop and strengthen disc
-It preserves normal disc
-Accurate and detailed incision
-Since it proceeds under the local anesthesia, the elderly patients or diabetes patients could have a surgery.
-bloodless surgery, no transfusion is required.
-Since the patients need to stay for only a few days (maximum 3 days) so it saves time and the costs.
-Rapid recovery compared to other procedure.
-Back pain could be alleviated as well as pain on the legs.

Who needs PELD?
-The patients who have experienced ineffectiveness from preservation treatment such as physiotherapy or medication.
-The patients who experienced unexpected and unbearable pain on the legs and lower back.

How does PELD proceed?
-Insert a thin wire into the disc through the side of the lower back under the local anesthesia.
-It is going with around 0.6cm of tiny endoscope to enlarge and check the inside.
-It takes roughly an hour

Improvement after procedure

18-year-old patient were suffering lower back pain and left leg pain for 6 months. The piece of discs pressured the nerve.

Right after the endoscopic surgery, the symptoms alleviated.
The disc turned into white which means cured.

-Everything was going on smoothly, couldn’t feel any pain which made me feel relieved.
-Discharge available the day after surgery, any discomfort in daily life.

Post treatment care
-Avoid sitting for over an hour, lifting heavy things, twisting and bending waist and back.
-Keep your back straight. (Try to bend hips or knees instead of back)
-Light brace is good when you go out.
-Try to stretch your back slightly after 2 weeks.
-Wear a brace for 6 weeks, and the exercise to strengthen power and flexibility of spine can be started.
-Have enough vegetables and fruits, diet is important.
- Obesity might cause back pain. Avoid drinking and over-eating.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

[Health News]5 diet to reduce pain of arthritis

Dr. Leo Galland from Foundation for Integrated Medicine said "Even though medicines expense for arthritis is high, patients do not go on a diet which costs less or they have wrong knowledge of diet.” They showed the main 5 kinds of diets onto Huffingtonpost in U.S.
-Have enough fruits and vegetables = bright or dark fruits and vegetables such as cherry, strawberry and sweet potato are good. People think citrus fruits, tomato and bell pepper cause arthritis but orange and tomato are good for anti-inflammatory. However, if you were allergic to those, it might damage health, so please avoid it.
-Choose proper oil for your body= Extra virgin oil has anti-inflammatory effect, it is good for cooking and also itself. Having this with oil from fish relieves pain more.
Amaseed oil and ama have also anti-inflammatory effect but if it’s heated omaga-3 is damaged so it is good to be eaten uncooked. Vegetable oil such as corn oil, sunflower seed oil make inflammation rather worse.
-Eat oil from fish= required amount of fish oil is different depends on people, so first consult doctor. Even though you use vegetable oil rather than extra virgin olive oil, having enough fish oil is important.
-Avoid sugar and refined carbs=White flour, white rice and white potato make inflammatory worse, so try to have whole grain and beans. Carrot is known for increasing blood sugar level but an antioxidant inside of carrot, called carotenoid, is effective for anti-inflammatory. However, uncooked carrot is effective rather than cooked.
-Drink green tea and black tea= Green tea is already known as healthier food than black tea but it is not qualified. Green tea has anti-cancer effect but black tea has better anti-inflammatory. At least 3 cups of black tea are required, and if you don’t smoke, the effect will be maintained as much as you drink.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

[Wooridul News] Wooridul Hospital has done successful elderly patient surgery

After surgery, Dr. Sang-ho Lee(Right) is explaining surgical procedure to medical team in Heights Hospital, Qīngdǎo Shì, China.
Spine health Wooridul Hospital has reported on last 30th, that Lee Sang Ho, Chairman of Wooridul Hospital has done successful elderly patient surgery on MARCH 23 (WED), who requested to take medication in China, Qingdao city Heights Hospital.

This is the first progressed surgery after signing the MOU of health technology partnership and employment exchanging with Heights Hospital in this earlier January and it appears to bringing the modern way of exporting health technology.

The treatment proceeded with lots of attention of the press such as QTV and Qingdaowanbo.

The surgery team of local China is including Chairman of Wooridul hospital Lee Sang ho, Director of Wooridul hospital in Kimpo - Beak Un Ki , Neurosurgeon Bae Jun Seok and neurosurgeon Lee Soe Min, In addition, two nurses and one radiation, total 7 health personnel. And all necessary equipment such as microscope, endoscope and laser, and other supplies that needed for surgery are transported from Korea either; operation proceeded under same condition as like Korea.
Patients who have done surgery in Qingdao city Heights hospital, both were elder patients and it was not possible to continue their treatment with surgery because of their great age and their chronic disease. 85 year old lady named Li Xiuqin has been suffering from backache and leg pains for over 20 years and since a year ago she started feeling numbness on her both side that caused of spinal canal stenosis, addition her medical history showed  that she had hypertension and heart diseases, coronary artery surgery. Patient had surgery of neural tube expansion and ligament repaired by microscope.

68 year old man Zhou Wei, his leg and back pain was getting worse since a year ago and recently patient appeared walking disorder that caused of disc herniation and spinal stenosis. Patient received disc surgery by endoscope and laser.
Qingdao heights Hospital orthopedic Professor said
“Wooridul hospital medical team admired me with their skills and surprised to see latest medical equipment such as a microscope, endoscope and laser. Spine diseases are very often and it’s related with aging population of china. However most patients are still couldn’t taking surgery treatment, because of its difficulties.

 Furthermore, China should also expect these new alternatives of minimal spine surgery techniques through the vigorous and active technical exchanges in the future.”
In current both patients are recovering and health conditions are very good.

Patient Li Xiuqin who was not able to walking, he is in good condition with relief pain and clean wound, also he started walking again. Patient Zhao Wei had severe hip pain with visual pain indexed 10, it is completely changed to “0” and possible to walking normally.
Chairman Lee Sang-Ho who performed a surgery, he said
“In order to get best result from the surgery, it required operating room under same conditions as like Korea Wooridul Hospital in China. Factors that making successful surgery of Wooridul Hospital is including treatment technique and equipment, in addition specialist and medical personnel who are as well as skilled and longtime clinical experience with Minimally invasive spine surgery that requiring delicate and precise technique. We transported our technology and resources to perform the surgery in local china, Furthermore our plan to try exchange health technology continuously in education.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

[Wooridul News] 2nd International Disc Talk

 International patient center in Gangnam Wooridul Hospital had 2nd international disc talk on 3rd of August. Disc talk is for sharing about disc and spine with patients and people whoever interested in disc and spinal joint disease for free. This had held usually for Korean but this was the international one, especially for Arab, so most of programs were going in Arabic and also English. What we prepared are lecture about disc, self-exercises, consultation, and in-body check. Those were all free.

 International Disc Talk was held at Fraserplace hotel in Seoul from 16:00 – 18:00. We were so looking forward to see many Arab people to come and join this useful event!

People who came earlier tried to do In-Body check. This simple check is going to show you BMI, muscle mass to name a few and give you recommended meal for your diet and balanced body. It takes within 1 minute. How impressive!

As people came along, we started 2nd International Disc Talk. First of all, Dr. Han-Joong Keum from Wooridul Hospital gave us a lecture about spine and disc. Do you know 80% of people have experienced spinal diseases in their lives? It’s quite common disease but if it is not cured, it will be a serious problem and surgery will be needed, so it has to be aware of.

After lecture from doctor, we learnt some of self-exercises to do themselves at home to prevent diseases and stretch muscles whenever and wherever.
People are interested in this so they started trying standing and lying down on the floor. It is easy and useful for healthy spine. Some of people were taking pictures and video to do in their home.


We also had a time for lucky draw. The paper they got has a number each, they could get a free gift. They were happy with that.


After all programs, we made a time for free consultation with doctor and In-body check. They could ask doctor their symptoms or anything they had wanted to ask and wondered, he gave them good answers and recommendations to keep their spine healthy.
For In-body check, they had a body scan within 1 minute and got a results paper, and they also could got explanation from doctor or physical therapist in English or Arabic. The paper showed you how to keep your health and how to go on a proper diet.

Entire programs we prepared were done so well and everyone satisfied with those. One of them came to the front saying that he wanted to say something for these great events. He said he appreciated and it made us appreciated for that too!
There will be another international disc talk someday. Whoever didn’t join this event, I hope you feel free to come to get useful knowledge for your healthy spine and disc!!