Sunday, April 28, 2019

“Thoracic endoscope” developed by Korean Medical staff attracts high attention in Austria.

The "thoracic endoscopy" developed by Wooridul Medical Team in Korea was introduced to the medical staff of Austria and it brought a big sensation.
Director of Chongdam Wooridule spine Hospital Junseok, Bae has attended Joimax® Agenda Faculty & User Meeting on March 1st~ 2nd at Paracelsus Medical University (PMU), Salzburg in Austria.

Photo with Austrian doctors who has received thoracic endoscopy training.
He gave an invited lecture and demonstration on the latest treatment of endoscopic spine surgery.
The world 's leading medical development company, Joyimax, hosted this conference and more than 100 spinal experts participated from all over the world,
with the highest level of academic research and Cadaver workshops.
Director Bae has received great attention reporting about “Thoracic endoscopic herniated disc and stenosis treatment”,
“Ventral cervical: experience and long-term follow-up at Wooridul”
which  includes all about adjustable endoscopic lumbar, cervical and thoracic treatment.
Above all, the thoracic endoscopy which was designed by Wooridul  spine hospital for the first time in the world & produced by Joimax was demonstrated.
Many spine specialists have asked questions about the latest technology.
Director of Wooridule spine hospital, Junseok- Bae has awarded  Joyimax Educational Achievement prize, the "Hand Shake Award", for his contribution to the development and delivery of endoscopic spine treatment techniques. Endoscopic spine surgery is now recognized across the world beyond Korea. The United States recognized the endoscopic laser disc surgery as a standard treatment in 2017 and began applying medical insurance.
This is because Korea's endoscopy and laser surgery combined with laser treatment have proven its effectiveness and safeness at the US government level.
"Endoscopic spinal surgery technology is rapidly changing and evolving as it becomes a new paradigm of global vertebral treatment," said Junseok-Bae, a director of Wooridul spine Hospital. "Endoscopic techniques can be applied to anatomically and structurally complicated cervical and thoracic area. It will make a big contribution for technological innovation. " Many overseas doctors are visiting to learn about Korea's excellent medical technology.
Endoscopy technology looks simple but it requires highly sophisticated and delicate technique.
So more than 1000 procedures experience is quite essential.
Wooridule spine hospital is planning to educate and train these technologies so that it will continue to spread correctly.