Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Spine Health Treatment Center(Physical Therapy)

If my spine is unstable?
Regarding general chronic low back pain and postoperative low back pain could be caused by weakness of spinal muscles and lack of sensory-motor system. When the patients take rest for long time due to low back pain, they might have weakness of abdominal muscle and back muscle. These muscles' weakness acquire special back exercise. If the patients do not undergo back exercise, their abdominal and back muscle could be more weakened and it could cause muscle damage easily. In case of recurrence after the treatment, the patients should care about the weakness of abdominal and spinal segement instability.

What kind of exercise should I do?
General back exercise could not fully intensify abdominal and back muscles. The existing exercise instruments, leading too much load on patients' bodies, could not provide proper effects. Rather, these existing instruments could harm to muscles since it is impossible to intensify in balance. In addition, these instruments could not help to enhance the power of the inner side of muscles. Therefore, in order to prevent the spinal instability and improve the spinal muscle power, additional programs and specialized medical exercise instruments are required.

Spine Health Treatment Center

    Manual Therapy

    ESWT Therapy

    Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy or ESWT is a treatment used in physical therapy, orthopedics, urology and cardiology. The shockwaves are abrupt, high amplitude pulses of mechanical energy, similar to soundwaves, generated by an electromagnetic coil or a spark in water. Similar technology using focused higher energies is used to break up kidney and gallstones, and is termed lithotripsy. “Extracorporeal” means that the shockwaves are generated externally to the body and transmitted from a pad through the skin.


    This is an exercise to correct the unstable vertebral joints as strong vertebral joints by using 3D exercise which leads to the active muscle exercise on the basis of only the gravity and the wight of the body without moving the spine. This will stabilizes the movement of the spine and sensory-motor nerve system of the muscle around the spine, abdominal muscle. That is 3D exercise that activates the sensory-motor system and restores the sense of damaged spine and prevent the recurrence of pain through accelerating the effect on the exercise.

    - Spinal stabilization exercise
    - Disc, joints, ligaments, muscle and the damage of bones.
    - Spinal segment instability

    1.    For the first time in Korea, the Wooridul Spine Hospital introduced the CENTAUR for the treatment spinal instability and sensory-motor system. CENTAUR, three dimensional exercise programs, recovers the damaged proprioceptor and helps functional training as well as provides successful spinal treatment and effective prevention.
    2.    CENTAUR is not dynamic exercise but isometric exercise and the process of exercise is automatic computed system so that it is much safer than any other exercise. Also CENTAUR is the primary exercise system for the patients after the surgery. CENTAUR helps patients exercise in various angles keeping balance.
    3.    CENTAUR was developed in Germany, which is the most developed country for spinal treatment in the world. It could figure out all the directions of lumbar spinal muscles through 8-angle muscle power examination. So that it is possible to find out weaken muscles in details so that the patients could undergo selective muscle strengthening.

    4.    Especially, CENTAUR is very effective for the patients with chronic low back pain. As the static exercise, it is available for any patient regardless of age and gender. The working time is short and all kinds of exercise could be done with one set of CENTAUR. CENTAUR helps to develop not only muscle power but also biofeedback motor control.

    Thursday, February 11, 2016

    Renewed International Patients Center

    Some patients make a mistake about coming to Wooridul International Patients Center. People sometimes have the wrong room, so we coordinators made flags of some nations. Also, we printed out "Welcome to WIPC" to clear up that here is WIPC.

    Wooridul International Patients Center is always open to every international patients.
    Please do not hesitate to come in!

    ♡ Love Spine&Joint, Love Patients ♡
    Wooridul Hospital 

    Tel. +82-2-513-8452
    E.mail. ipc@wooridul.co.kr
    Address. 445, Hakdong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (135-951)

    Wednesday, February 10, 2016

    “Good Food for Spine Health”, What Are the “Three Food” Experts Recommend?

    Good food for spine is a topic these days.

    There are three food that nutrition experts recommend for spine health.
     : Tofu, chives, and shiitake .

    Our body can absorb the protein in tofu almost 100%. It is good for spine health because it is high in calcium and lysine that is essential amino acids.

    Chives are rich in vitamin A and they include nutrients such as vitamin B2/C, carotin, calcium, and iron. Lots of nutrients in chives make spine and knees warm and improve blood circulation.

    Shiitake contains plenty of nutrients, for example, protein, fat, vitamin B1/B2/D, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and selenium. It is non-calorie diet, so it helps to do the most ideal diet. Good for belly fat removal.

    Source : Asia Economy

    Thursday, February 4, 2016

    Beverage Recommendation to Everyone Who Does Not Like Coffee

    Let me introduce some kinds of tea instead of coffee, and effect of them.


    - Wake-up call tea of the British / The British eat breakfast with this tea, so the name
      of tea is English breakfast tea.
    - It has heavy scents and rich flavors. It is good to drink by adding milk and sugar.
    - Effect) Black tea is full of antioxidative component that makes effectiveness anti-
      inflamatory, antiallergenic, brake on blood sugar, cholesterol lowering,… 


    - Chamomile can be used as medicinal herb and fragrant is distinctive.
    - Effect) Relief of stress / indigestion / heartburn / gastritis / insomnia / bad breath …


    - This is a kind of scent added tea by adding Bergamo orange skin extract to black tea  
    - Bergamo orange is used for perfume and cosmetics to make perfume as well. Some 
      people avoid drinking because it tastes like cosmetics.
    - Effect) Stress reduction / deep sleep / prevention of influenza and relief of symptoms
       / diet / diuretic effect …


    - Citron removes bad things of stomach and relieves alcoholic poisoning. (Principles and
      Practice of Eastern Medicine)
    - People will be full of energy, start to feel awake, and live longer when people eat 
      citron. (A botanical list)
    - Effect) Citron contains two times higher level of vitamin C than sweet persimmon and 
      three times higher than lemon. It is effective for indigestion and antioxidative …


    - Sweet potato has plentiful fiber that can help to have satiety and prevent constipation,
      and vitamin C/E that has antioxidant properties. 
    - Milk, calcium-rich beverage, is good for bone health and deep sleep. Especially, it   
      helps hangover cures by helping detoxification function of liver, but in severe milk
      intolerance case, please avoid drinking sort of Latte.

     Source : Hi Doc News

    Half of the Patients are over Fifties, the Method of Management for Xeroderma in the Change of Seasons

    Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service analyzed “Xerodema” patients for last 5 years (2010~2014), and they announced half of the patients are over fifties and requested care of older people.

    “Xerodema” is the disease that makes skin dry because of dry conditions and etc, so skin moisture drops to below 10%. There are some outer factors, for example, dry weather, chiller/heater, and ultra violet rays, and there are some domestic sources, heredity, Atopic dermatitis, and skin aging. The symptoms are dry flaky skin, itching, and split, in case of worsening, it might spread germs.

    For prevention and treatment, people need to use moisturizing cream before exposure to dry conditions to keep moisture of skin, and need to be prescribed ointment through diagnosis. In outer factors’ case, people can prevent through life habit, for example, use of enough moisturizing cream, but in domestic sources’ case (heredity, Atopic dermatitis…), people have to be prescribed appropriate ointment through accurate diagnosis.

    The examiner of Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service, Ki Chan Moon explained, “Please use wet towel to maintain optimal humidity to prevent “Xerodema”, pay close attention for harmfulness of pathogenic bacterium what causes respiratory disease and germicide (PHMG) what is used in humidifier. Also, clothes that irritates skin and excessive bath (scrubbing off) can aggravate the symptoms.”

    Source : Hi Doc News

    [Guest Book] Sarah Campbell

    After surgery, the pain has diminished rapidly. I haven’t gotten any horrible sensations, pins and needles. I feel my neck is very stable. I have to wear the collar for about 3 months. It’s helping me. Bone graft and other surgery heals. I would recommend Wooridul to anybody who had problem in spine. 
    I think medical nursing staffs are superb and attention to detail, high quality care. Has just been amazing. Everybody is so kind, and International Patients Center staffs as well, they will support you and translate Korean into English. 
    I’ve had fantastic treatments and care. And absolutely delighted. I would recommend Wooridul Hospital to anyone who has to have spine minimal invasive surgery. 

    Nationality : British
    Name : Sarah Campbell

    Wednesday, February 3, 2016

    Bongeunsa (Temple)


    Address : Bongeunsa, 531, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

    Public transport :
    -Subway : Line number 9 (Bongeunsa station)
    -Bus : 3412, 3411, 2415, 351, N61, 143

    Bongeunsa was the only landmark of Gangnam in the old days, and now here is representative tourist attraction and here keeps alive the traditional ways of the traditional temple with status of 1000 years historical consideration as a heart of global town Gangnam. 

    Today, Bongeunsa started to make "Bongeun historical park" that shows off the features of city park and historical culture space. Bongeunsa will be reformed to more empathize with local community and here will be world-wide Buddhism beyond Gangnam Buddhism and Korean Buddhism.

    Here is the entrance of Bongeunsa. The name of this door is "Jinyeo door" and it means "the way to truth".

    Sarah was interested in the 4 heavenly kings behind the door and the words "Ip chun dae gil" that mean "wish for excellent luck onset of spring".

    And there was a store that people could buy an amulet. Sarah bought "health amulet" while she prayed for her health.

    She went inside of sanctuary and prayed devoutly.
    She wondered about the story of pictures on the wall and had a close look as well.

    Sarah was not Buddhism, but she really enjoyed visiting Buddhism sites.
    She said, she wants to come to Korea again.

    Sarah(58.F) is from England and she had intermittent headaches, face and neck pain aching & burning, post nasal drainage / musculoskeletal discomfort / unexplained bruising.

    After receiving ACDF(Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion) and PELA((Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Annuloplasty) on Jan 27th in Wooridul Hospital, she is getting better. 6 days later, she toured near Wooridul Hospital with English coordinators.

    Thank you for cooperation, Sarah. Take care ! :)

    COEX Mall

    COEX Mall

    Address : 513 COEX Mall, Yeongdongdae-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (02-6002-5300)

    ‘Unfolding Sky’ by Gensler
    COEX Mall, designed by Gensler – a globally acclaimed architecture firm – under the theme “Unfolding Sky”, is the epitome of seamless flow and openness. The five plazas, each of which is designed around an individual concept, ensure optimum customer traffic flow and  take full advantage of natural light. COEX Mall sets itself apart from existing shopping malls thanks to its unique ambience and maximized convenience.

    Total surface area  165,000㎡
    ShopsRetail  204, F&B 91, Others 4
    Hours of operation  10:30-22:00, open year round (excluding some shops)
    Square  a total of five plazas (Millennium, Central, Live, ASEM, and Airport)
    Public transport

    Sarah is saying cheese in front of COEX Mall.

    There is an aquarium in COEX Mall and
    here's some information about aquarium.
    Opening hours : 10:00 a.m. ~ 08:00 p.m.
    Fare information : Adult- 22,000 won / Children- 16,000 won

    In COEX Mall, there are Kakao Friends Shop, interior decoration props shops, Korean traditional stuff shops, and clothing shops.

    Also, there are many kinds of food restaurants and coffee shops.
    You can choose your favorite one.

    COEX Mall is a cultural complex space, so you can go shopping, watch movies, eat some food, and drink coffee in one space.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2016

    Agra (Indian Restaurant)


    Address : B1 I102, COEX Mall, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 

    Sarah(English patient) preferred Indian food, so we went to Agra in COEX Mall.

    Employees welcomed us when we enter the restaurant, and the interior was just as wonderful.
    This is menu of Agra. 

    There were so many dishes and we had difficulty in choosing.
    At that time, an employee who gave us menu helped us very kindly.
    He explained about menu and let us know what is the popular one.

    We were three, so he recommended "Couple set".
    Couple set includes Palak Flat Bread or Black Sesame Mushroom Bread + Curry + Tandoori Chicken Half Naan + Rice + Lassi 1 + Soft Drink.
    If you want to change plain Naan to honey or garlic Naan, you will need to pay 500 won more.

    Tandoori chicken with the white sauce was really nice, and butter chicken Makhani(soft curry that tomato cream sauce is added) curry was harmonious with Naan.

    Also, we ordered Berry berry berry Lassi(traditional Indian beverage), and Sarah really enjoyed it.

    Here has parking lot, tasty food, reasonable price, and good quality of service.
    We have intention of revisit if we have chance to go COEX Mall again.

    How old is your spine?

    Let’s see the degree of your spine movement by 5 daily activities.

    Let’s try leaning forward, leaning backward, bending to left and right, rotation, sitting in position.

    How to start?
    You can do every posture with standing and leaning to wall or sitting on a chair.
    Please look straight ahead and put your feet apart as your pelvis width.
    Choose the most comfortable posture for you.
    It is the most important thing to keep your healthy body.
    Please remember breathing.
    You need to repeat inhalation and exhalation for no physical damaging.

    And then, are you ready?

    From step 1 to 4 are helpful to know movement of spine, and step 5 is flexibility of ankle and hip joint.
    “It is better to be safe than sorry.”
    Never be in a hurry, and please relax.

    1. Leaning forward
    Please lean forward softly on exhale. Head -> shoulders -> chest in this sequence.
    Do not work so hard!
    Please return to first posture.

    2. Leaning backward
    Put your hands on hip, and bend to back. Do not work so hard.

    3. Bending to left and right
    Please lift your one arm straight up and bend to the other side.
    This posture looks like an alphabet C or semicircle.

    4. Turning around slightly
    Please turn around slightly. Do not rush and breathe out slowly.
    Please do it in moderation.

    5. Preforming squats
    Please try performing squats until hip reaches to floor with your heels on the floor.
    At this time, knees and feet should be aligned directly.
    Please take a break and stand up slowly.

    Was it hard or not? Let’s check the result.
    There are five-choice.

    1. Undemanding
    2. A little hard
    3. Hard
    4. Pretty hard
    5. Very hard

    You need to strengthen flexibility and muscular strength if you have difficulty to do those postures.

    How to live healthy is to make your body can condition to every which direction without any part of degeneration.