Thursday, January 28, 2016

SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment company building is located nearby Gangnam Wooridul Hospital. 
(2~3 minutes on foot)

Location : Cheongdam station exit 6

You can join K-pop dancing program!

A Russian company employee Elena(26•F) dreamed to travel Seoul after listening K-pop by chance 5 years ago. She took time off with difficulty and visited Seoul last Aug for the first time, and she saw classified ad for ‘K-pop experience program’. By participating that program, she could learn choreography along to songs of SHINee who are her favorite singers.

Seoul City operated K-pop experience program in SM TOWN COEX Artium, Gangnam-gu tentatively last year for foreign tourists who visit Seoul.

Participants in the program learn the latest trend K-pop dance for 60 minutes in dance training room after looking around SM TOWN studio with expert guide for 30 minutes.
K-pop dance class is progressed by professional choreographer, so beginners can imitates easily. Also, there is interpreter service.

Every foreign tourists can join, and you can apply on Seoul Korean wave tour homepage ( one person for two people. 15 people can have opportunity to participate each time.

2015-08-17 ~ 2016-03-29
11:00 a.m.~12:30 p.m. (once on Mon, Tue )

  SMtown CoexArtium

Open 11:00
Close 22:00

SMTOWN@coexartium (SUM / STUDIO / LIVErary / THEATRE) - 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


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