Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Chairman of Wooridul Spine Hospital, Dr. Sang Ho Lee, was on SBS CNBC Doctor Q: ‘Build a Healthy Spine’


On Saturday, June 9, the chairman of Wooridul Spine Hospital, 
Dr. Sang Ho Lee, has appeared on the <Doctor Q, talk about my body> of SBS CNBC in Korea.


<Doctor Q, Talk about my body> is the program 
which introduces best doctors in the medical field. 

The doctors themselves share health information 

and communicate with viewers through counseling. 

Dr. Lee explains spinal diseases and cases to viewers more easily.

There are five symptoms of disk-related backache:
Hard to sit for long time
Do not want to lift heavy objects due to discomfort/pain
Unable to straighten your back right away when you stand up
Severe backache after strenuous exercise or hard work

Major symptoms of spinal stenosis:
Feel better to sit down. Stand up may cause pain in your back, buttock or leg.
Weakness, heaviness or dullness in your body when you walk
Body aches, electric sensation or heaviness in your leg may occur when you lying down flat.
Unable to walk about 100 meters and take a rest repeatedly

He explained the main symptoms of spinal stenosis 
as well as treatment called ligament reconstruction.

The spinal stenosis can be treated with ligament reconstruction which is one of the cause treatments.

The advantage of ligament reconstruction is 
it does not require blood transfusion, 
bone transplant or screw/artificial bone insertion. 

The patient can walk right away on the operation day.

Ligament Reconstruction

Ø  Method: Under general anesthesia, make around 5cm incision, through the endoscopic view, decompress the nerve with advanced equipment like laser, and tie up between instable spinous process with special ligament made of polyethylene.
Ø  Operation time: 2 hours (The operation time can be changed upon the surgical range.)
Ø  Anesthesia: General

There are a number of phone calls for telephone counseling during this talk show.
Dr. Lee tried to help people 
with spinal disease as possible as he can.