Friday, August 19, 2016

Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy (PELD)

PELD is not including incision but inserting a thin wire into the skin, which means between the conservative and open surgery. It doesn’t disrupt the normal soft tissue or the vertebral structures, treat only damaged herniated disc with laser under endoscopic guidance.

-It makes back pain stop and strengthen disc
-It preserves normal disc
-Accurate and detailed incision
-Since it proceeds under the local anesthesia, the elderly patients or diabetes patients could have a surgery.
-bloodless surgery, no transfusion is required.
-Since the patients need to stay for only a few days (maximum 3 days) so it saves time and the costs.
-Rapid recovery compared to other procedure.
-Back pain could be alleviated as well as pain on the legs.

Who needs PELD?
-The patients who have experienced ineffectiveness from preservation treatment such as physiotherapy or medication.
-The patients who experienced unexpected and unbearable pain on the legs and lower back.

How does PELD proceed?
-Insert a thin wire into the disc through the side of the lower back under the local anesthesia.
-It is going with around 0.6cm of tiny endoscope to enlarge and check the inside.
-It takes roughly an hour

Improvement after procedure

18-year-old patient were suffering lower back pain and left leg pain for 6 months. The piece of discs pressured the nerve.

Right after the endoscopic surgery, the symptoms alleviated.
The disc turned into white which means cured.

-Everything was going on smoothly, couldn’t feel any pain which made me feel relieved.
-Discharge available the day after surgery, any discomfort in daily life.

Post treatment care
-Avoid sitting for over an hour, lifting heavy things, twisting and bending waist and back.
-Keep your back straight. (Try to bend hips or knees instead of back)
-Light brace is good when you go out.
-Try to stretch your back slightly after 2 weeks.
-Wear a brace for 6 weeks, and the exercise to strengthen power and flexibility of spine can be started.
-Have enough vegetables and fruits, diet is important.
- Obesity might cause back pain. Avoid drinking and over-eating.

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