Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Spine Specialist from Turkey Had Successful Cervical Surgery at Wooridul

Hello. I'm Dr. Yenner Erken came from Istanbul, Turkey.
I'm an orthopedic spine surgeon. And I'm actually completing a 1-year fellowship program here at Seoul Wooridul Spine hospital. I initially didn't come here to have surgery. I came here as a clinical fellow because Wooridul is the world's leading hospital in minimally invasive and endoscopic spine surgery.

During my fellowship, I started to experience burning sensations and pain in my arms, legs, feet, and body. MRIs and CT scans showed that I had early stages of myelopathy and a severe disc herniation in my cervical spine. Because I trusted the surgical staff here at Wooridul Hospital, I decided to have my surgery here. Dr. Bae and Dr. Shin performed an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion procedure. The procedure, of course, went perfectly and it's 4th postoperative day and my symptoms and burning and pains has resolved.

I would most certainly recommend Wooridul Spine Hospital to anyone suffering from spine conditions both as a surgical fellow and now a patient! 
I'd like to thank everyone here at Wooridul Spine Hospital. Especially the amazing surgical staff and nurses and international department for their flawless work and knowledge and for taking such great care of me throughout my time here.
It has been amazing experiences working with you and grateful to have had the opportunity to also be a patient under your very experienced and attentive care.
Thank you :) !

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